Angry, let off some steam... Yo its Friday!


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Re: Kick It Up!!!... Yo its Friday!

That's awesome Frax.
Cheers. Thanks all for the blast/flashbacks.

Paul Biester

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Re: Kick It Up!!!... Yo its Friday!

So yeah we do a job the last couple of days for a client that we have worked for several times..took down a split tree and discovered a really nasty 95 foot tall red Oak with severe bottle but...we did and awesome job ,saved the dudes house from future peril.Ground 2 extra stumps ,took out an extra limb..moved his swing set...and then totally hooked his yard up with some beautiful topsoil and grading job!! all he did was make snide comments about the money we made and then laid my guy out for not hauling away the stump grindings!! my proposals say leave grindings.....unless otherwise stated...the guy was like oh i know its friday....WE DONT CARE IF ITS SUNDAY BRO!!! we are proud of our workmanship!!!
so now im drinkin a cup of dunkin donuts coffee and listening to


Re: Kick It Up!!!... Yo its Friday!

Rocky and Cyco Mike. Ness is kinda whiny, pretty boy.
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