Angel oak, Johns Island, SC


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Im planning a trip, and would like to know if anyone could provide insider intelligence on possibly climbing it. My expectations are low, but what a cool tree, i might as well try...
Any hints?


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I think Bartlett had/has the privilege.
The guy I work for now has worked on the angel oak when he was working for the Bartlett office in Charleston several years ago.


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Cellon Oak was horribly overcabled. I think it lost that big limb on the left as a result. And maybe lost its champion points with the loss of crown spread. The county stuck with their old contractor, and paid the price.

Angel Oak is babysat by city employees, for some reason. It needs haloing, and suffered some excessively large chainsaw wounds, but it's doing ok. Not sure what chemical regimen it's on.

I'm working on live oaks next month near Swansboro; could use a sub...
The Cellon Oak is over cabled and the limb on the left probably did drop as a result of that. But it is still the Florida champion live oak. It has a score of 522. I would love to see that tree get some help in its older years. The county only really does damage control after something has happened and that is no way to care for a champion.
Crown Spread Max: 171
Crown Spread Min: 158
Circumference: 390
Height: 91
Height of Circumference: 4
Total Points: 522
Date of Measurement: 3/21/2018
Reason of Measurement: Remeasurement
Verified by County Forester: DAVID S CONSER


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There are MANY ways to care for a champion; getting owners to see that is the trick.

Here's another overcabled champ that lost a big limb; I'll be pruning it soon.

And I think I'll measure the Fairchild, Maltby and other oaks, next FL visit. 390 is a fat tree, hard to "top" that...and it STILL has a 171' spread?? hmmmm



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I'll be in Daytona Beach April 28-30 and would like to revisit the Fairchild. It's probly grown some since i put in the lightning system. Hit me up thru the website if you want.
Guy, if you're ever in Savannah or Charleston doing work I'm near Augusta. Stars would have to align as I'm active duty. Ya never know, could happen, so I'll put it out there. Or if you're ever near Aiken, you have a place to stay. My door is always open to tree bros.
That sucks. Great articles, gave me some ideas on what I should do with the dinosaur Willow Oak that I live with now. I would love to get some hands on experience from a Jedi Veteran Tree caregiver such as yourself. Let me know if you could use my help on any projects, please.