yup thats the one :) thanks for the reassurance tom. man it was a pain to get the ring on the saddle. with the cougar saddle you have to take the whole saddle apart just to change the rope bridge or add a ring. it was worth it though. this is my first time climbing on a rope bridge saddle with a ring. i love it and im never going back to flat webbing.


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as per the test rig in the first pictures, i would like to make one, can someone please tell me how? and what i need....would be great. thanks in advance
As far as I know they consider the subject closed Keith. They sent test results showing breaking well within specs and I haven't heard of any others breaking at sub 23 kn pulls. I will give them a shout to see if anything is new on this.

ps I will be getting my future rings from Italy regardless of what happens with these. I know for sure the testing is more intense and I get test results from each batch sent.
Super helpful!

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What about these rings? Any known issues? What about the isc rings wesspur sells? I was going to order some of those.
Just my personal opinion ................

I don't know why you would NOT trust the rings illustrated.
They are marked with ratings, and have Vendor info stamped on them. These should be easily traceable (phone call) to AMP.
I certainly trust ISC gear, & have lots of it.

The old "infamous" Kong ring that failed years ago, was not marked. (I was on-site when it failed.)
"Un-marked ratings" was fairly common on many pieces of gear at the time.
That has all changed.


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Personally I only go with steel rings on my ring to rings, as I bomb them (sometimes with the tree)..
He just drops the ring-to-ring from the TIP to the ground. i.e. no control of speed by using rope, throwline, etc.
It then can hit rocks, etc on the ground. (dingles, dents, sharp burrs, etc can result)

I have a couple steel ring-to-rings, which I have bombed. Just make sure you still inspect them.

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I don't know what to think about the life of this post, will there ever be a conclusion?
Conclusion: When no more defective rings from this batch are out there waiting to injure or kill someone. Till then they are like a shiny butterfly mine out of a cluster bomb. Sure only an ignorant person will get hurt - it's still going to hurt.