who makes the Tie In point rings for the new treemotion saddle? are they aluminum or steel? (i do like the fact the bridge is accessible by the user, to swap out components!)
I don't know what to think about the life of this post, will there ever be a conclusion?

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Yes - there is no need to fear aluminium rings.
I don't know what to think about the life of this post, will there ever be a conclusion?

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Yes - there is no need to fear aluminium rings.

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I second that.
I am not sure what the rings are being used for, for I don't use them for anything. If they are being used for climbing, how are they getting so much weight on them? If they bare being used for rigging, maybe consider a proven steel carabiner. 50KN or stronger always for rigging, no exceptions. 23KN or stronger for life support, no exceptions. Those are the rules I live by and and do not use a product until I have tested it. Stay safe.
IT LIVES! Rich, has there been more testing? Honestly it may have been a bad batch, and steel dosen't weigh that much more. No Fear.


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As far as I know they consider the subject closed Keith. They sent test results showing breaking well within specs and I haven't heard of any others breaking at sub 23 kn pulls. I will give them a shout to see if anything is new on this.

ps I will be getting my future rings from Italy regardless of what happens with these. I know for sure the testing is more intense and I get test results from each batch sent.
A little late maybe to bother getting into this thread, but I'd like to offer up my guess, if you care to test it out.

If you have access to a hardness tester, I'll guess the rings that cracked without deforming are much harder than the rings that deformed and didn't break.

That would indicate one of two things; the rings that broke missed a forging... not really likely, since the size would be amiss, or...

The rings that broke missed a heat treating. Looking at the pic, the broken ends look very "grainy". Heat treating, among other things, controls grain growth. It also tempers the metal to a specific hardness range- you want it to bend before it breaks.

Just my armchair guess.
I thought this forum was about injuries, not gear, or I would have lurked in here sooner. So what are the conclusions for all this? Discard all GOLD COLORED aluminum rings? The rings I have are silver and from Wesspur or Sherrill. Is periodic non-destructive testing possible/practical? If I trust aluminum biners I don't see why I shouldn't trust aluminum rings as long as they are made correctly. Use steel for rigging.


Oh heck, it was near the top so I didn't notice how old this thread was... sorry...
i had bought one of those saddle's from the recall and with out knowing i just took the ring off anyways cause i didn't like it because i like to custom my saddle a little bit.i used the ISC snap biner and its awsome and i also took that stupid black sleveing off to make it a smoother roll. other then that AWSOME saddle!