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@John_KAYS; Really great post. I'm not a pro climber, and as such get to pick what & when I'll climb. I really only ever like to climb when I'm feeling good and well rested. Climbing is such a challenge, even when all of the conditions are in the climber's favor.

There's a whole lot of jobs in this world that people can do in a marginally effective way when they are really poorly rested, or hung over, or whatever. How you climbers manage to be reliable, climbing every day no matter how you are feeling, is really beyond me. I'm an older guy, too, so a big part of the equation for me is energy level. I feel as though I need to feel good and energetic before considering doing all of the setup required and climbing some 80 or 90 foot tall tree. I remember this kind of energy level being much easier to come by when I was a younger man.

All of which leads me to say that I get the strong impression that most of you pro climbers are not getting paid well enough. Very few people could do what you all do on a daily basis. You are all my heroes.

Thanks, that's a great post from you. Not just because you complimented me, but it is obvious that you understand the circumstances well enough to really delve into the nuances of climbing on a daily basis. You took what I was trying to say in my post and really finished it off strong. This is a very demanding line of work and it takes it out of you. Just like the military, you need to have your wits about you or somebody could get hurt or worse.

Thanks again. You always have great posts and I have repeatedly benefitted from your research and point of view.


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Got it. I will look into it. I think he is just overloaded with some serious life issues. hes a new dad. I am putting him on ground crew for awhile and rest him. Would you recommend paying him the same for ground as climbing under the circumstances or adjust it?

I saw my best friend do the same thing. I went through something similar.
It's what happens when you become responsible for more than yourself. All of what you know about potential dangers comes out.

Talk him into getting a GOOD life insurance policy and set up a trust to go with it for his kid. The peace of mind is important.
Encourage a focus on understanding how failures in trees happen. It can take a while, but just that one factor (new dad) is enough to scare a great climber away from being his best and pushing himself.

Edit: i could have finished reading the thread before I jumped in with what was basically covered already. I just got excited because this was such a familiar topic.


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Good on you for not forcing him to climb, climbing day in day out certainly takes its toll on the mind and body.
I think being understanding and talking with him about will be beneficial to both parties.

Climb hard and climb safe
It's encouraging to hear all the support for both Lyle and his new father/climber. Anxiety is a real thing and effects people in all kinds of unpredictable ways. Here's hoping that the climber can rediscover the love of climbing once he is better rested and life settles down a little.