Akimbo Rec Ride on Blue Moon


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Slowly pushing my limits when I get the chance, this was about 45 feet up a 70 foot burl oak, lots going on here with my current setup. I am still not sure about the shoulder straps and pulley, but they do keep me vertical so I can let go and chill at any point without hanging from my arms. The new CT foot ascender tends like a dream and the SAKA is always a winner.

The Akimbo is surprising on Blue Moon, it locks on a lot tighter than my Scion and requires a little more pressure to break loose, but when it does it has less friction and goes faster, it also stops slower with several feet of slide. This could be a settings thing, I was just anxious to get in the tree. Overall it feels more solid on the Blue Moon, I will have to wait and see how it wears.

As always suggestions are appreciated, what am I doing that will likely get me killed or maimed?

EDIT: If the video does not play below, you can also find it on my channel just search for Free Fallin on youtube.

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A chest harness with shoulder straps......isn't that like wearing a belt and suspenders!
Seemed like it at first, but the chest harness tends the Akimbo and keeps it up high. The straps coming over my shoulders go to a pulley above that and hold me vertical against the rope, I can actually climb hands free that way, or use my hands to work around branches, etc.


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Nice work around, was wondering if the Akimbo could be lower with the adjustable bridge and the chest harness do double duty?


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I've played around with that, It's tricky for 2 reasons - 1. Because the human body has a high center of gravity, so to hold it vertical you almost have to have support at the top of the shoulders not mid-chest where the chest harness connects.

2. When you sit back, the pulley tracks down, if it doesn't have plenty of clearance it can release the Akimbo and leave you sitting on your knee ascender.

I might try going the other way, get rid of the chest harness and run something from the shoulder straps to do dual duty and tend the Akimbo...

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2. When you sit back, the pulley tracks down, if it doesn't have plenty of clearance it can release the Akimbo and leave you sitting on your knee ascender.

I was wondering about this being a problem when I saw your setup before you climbed (it looked like it separated well though during the climb).

What about tying the akimbo to the pulley (via throw line or something) and have the pulley-pull the akimbo up in your current setup?
As opposed to having an adjustable tether to adjust the Akimbo (or a Uni in my case) tighter for ascending and looser for descending or positioning, I also prefer using an adjustable (roll-n-lock modified) rope bridge, in place of the tether A tether accomplishes the same thing, just not as efficiently, IMHO. Not sure I buy into having an extra pulley on the chest, but I see how it helps you retain good form by keeping you more in an upright position when ascending, but when resting or when you sit back, the idea of it jamming down onto the akimbo can be rather unsettling, I'd imagine.


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It's hard to see but I also have an adjustable rope bridge with a roll n lock on it, when this is low and tight it does tend the Akimbo, but I found it has a foot or so of slop between climbing and sitting before the Akimbo catches.
If I tether the akimbo to my chest it is already in position and there is almost no downward movement when I sit.
As for the pulley over the shoulders, it stays well off the top of the Akimbo, I lay back on it to take a break and can't make it hit, I don't use it for short climbs 10-30' but if I am in the woods and néed to go up 40-50' to hit branches, then the pulley really saves my arms for later.

I suspect the pulley will become less needed as my strength goes up and weight goes down which is happening slowly.