Airpods while in a tree to manage business or for emergency call out?


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I recently got a pair of apple airpods and fell in love with it. thinking about wearing it in the tree. That way I don't have to pull my phone out to make a call anymore, just tap the ear bud. In the past I have to buy work shirts with over sized pocket to hold my phone. With this setupm I can just leave it in the saddle bag. Any concerns about it? and, if you've use it already, what do you do to keep the airpods secured in your ear. Also, I discovered that you don't need to wear both. You can just wear one and leave the other ear open to be aware of what going on around you. Erwin


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I'm not familiar with air pods, but if you have to touch them, then that means you'd have to have hands available to remove your ear pro to tap them to activate. You might get much more versatility by installing a SENA bluetooth intercom in your helmet. That will allow you to use voice commands to make or answer calls.


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Sena’s do the same with the way more important ability to communicate with your crew!

I am often asked about the ability to use your mobile in the tree for emergencies, work, personal issues. My answer is always the same. I have spent more than 2 decades climbing trees, working production, making a living and living a life. One chuck full of birth, death, marriage, family, trial, triumph and everything in between. I have yet to miss any of it and most of my career was pre mobile phone. To this day I don’t hook my phone to my sena’s when I am working production.

Justifying Bluetooth communications for anything more or less than crew communication on the production tree care job site is a moot point in my judgement.