Aerial Rescue Practice - Rec Climb

Hi Ladies

Bear and I are hosting a recreational climb focused on aerial rescue on:

Date: July 20th
Time: 10-2pm
Location: Highland Cemetery, Hillside Terrace in Athol, MA.

Hope some of you can make it! :)
Dang I have a triple birthday to attend that day not to mention a surprise 50th that I also had to decline, I would have loved to participate. I keep trying to set up a climb in NY but keep getting foiled with obligations......
Best of luck and post pics
Sweet! You still game? I think we should try to get some WTCW ladies out and up. I don't know the area around there super well, but maybe we can start researching some good spots?

I just lucked into a Rope Runner for christmas and am working with The Arborist of Darkness on stepping up my SRT game!
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Sweet! Let's hope we can figure out a meeting time and place that works for all. I'll bring my RR too and you can share tricks!