Advanced Climbing Workshop June 10 2019 Seattle- WTCW Instructors


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@southsoundtree, right? Cats and Dogs, living together. As long as they climb trees, doesn't matter to me.

It's a special line up of instructors and participants from what I've seen. The format is going to be purposefully a little loose, so the demand will be driven by what folks want to dive into. 30 gear kits will be on site. Many harnesses, ropes and pieces of new shiny kit for climbers to try low and slow.

I'm stoked!


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I edited/ clarified my post, fwiw.

It's all good by me, too.

There are a few nice tree around Oly to climb, I'll bet Seattle has a few, too. ;)

I'd be stoked for PNW climbing, too, especially after midwest winter. We get to climb year-round here. June weather is fantastic.