accepted footwear for climbing comps?

now i know im not gonna show up barefoot or with slippers to a climbing comp but what are accepted shoes? my normal shoes are merril hiking boots. are those legal?


Hi joshuastrees,

Appropriate footwear is defined as a boot that covers the foot and ankle and that is constructed with a suitable sole and upper portion. The upper portion of the boot should provide protection from penetration. The sole should provide proper traction for work on the ground as well as when working aloft.



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I seem to remember seeing Mark C at older comps sporting some nike b ball shoes. They cover the ankle and have a great sole. Aren't boot like though...must be new terminology with a recent rule change?


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Hows the heal on those la sportiva? Can you sport spikes? and footlock? Ive had my eye on those this past year and desperately need a new pair of boots.


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good gawd are those things ugly. jk I remember the Cinder Cones being the rage in Seatle ITCC.


I did gear check with my Romeo's on... you know, the logger slippers!
They checked me thru on footwear and I laughed.