394 bar set up.

Seeing both sizes recommended. Want to put a 42" bar on a 394 for the occasional big cuts we need to make. I see both 36" and 42" as listed for appropriate bars. What are you guys using and is the 42 too big? Would use full skip chain, totally stock saw. 36" would be ok if it will cut better and more consistently.

Little off topic but have anyone you have had good experience with to port and polish and open up a new muffler for same saw?

Thank you. Chad


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I run a 42” on a 395, Skip tooth chisel, works just fine. I do muffler mods on all my saws and it seems to improve performance. I had jack Beelar ( hot saws 101) build me a phsycho-ized 461 and holy cow! That thing has way more power than my 660, 661, or 395.
I have a 40-42" (Don't honestly remember it was the longest bar i could find from oregon) for my 395, but it only comes out for special occasions, I find that it's a much better setup with a 32" bar. Not that it doesn't have the power, but it balances very nose heavy with the longer bar


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Oh yeah. 42’s are a pain in the ass. I rarely use it. Mostly on big crane removals, I regularly cut trees 5’ in diameter and semi regularly a few 6 ‘ footers and I find it much easier to just use a 36” or lately been using a 34” bar. But the 42” definitely has its places where it shines.