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I just added the hh2 to my bag o tricks a couple days ago. I've been using it with the captain hook and as a secondary tie in with a 50' piece of km3 max, ice tail, and the Brocky/knut h hitch. It has preformed flawlessly. I didn't even try the original hh hitch, Brocky's just looked too good! Gave it a shot with the pinto under it, but I don't see the need for it. It tends just fine for me without the pulley. Although I haven't used it as my primary multicender yet, I've had a good amount of time on it while out of position from my primary tip in a couple nice big oaks I've been taking down this week. I am very glad I got it. Thanks treebuzz for introducing me to all the great tools I have spent all my extra money on lately. And thanks to Brocky for the great hitch!
By the way, it seems the hh2 is maybe getting harder to find? I ordered mine straight from Ropetek because Gap said they haven't gotten their order from October and are out of stock. I considered the HHx, but I am not a fan of the slick pin. I would drop it.