2016 Finnish Treeclimbing competition

andrus kokerov

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Im heading to this event in my neigbour country. Tomorrow is the gear-check, saturday the prelimbs and on sunday the masters. If your intrested i can make and post some pictures and also results. Im also compiting so i dont know how much i can capture but some for shore.


andrus kokerov

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The masters tree. Dident get good photos, the weather was cloudy. Juha Palojarvi and Boel Hammerstad won. Alot wrenching went on in the masters. Was fun to watch, would have bern even more fun to climb. Maybe in two weeks in the baltic treeclimbing competition. Got to sort my stuff out before that. I suck at throwline and in aerial rescue i have to get ascending before 3 minutes are gone. Im not very pissed about my workclimb. Should have climbed not passed my system over the branch.



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That's Great Stuff.

Tell Boel I said Congrats & Hello (I met her & Cam at the 2015 3ATC - Tree Jam Camp in Lexington, Michigan).
I've also seen her climb at ITCC.