1" - 1-1/4" Nylon Double Braid


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Large 100% Nylon Double Braids.. high elongation... (think dock lines)

Who's used the brands like CWC, Barry, USA Ropes, NovaBraid, Canada Cordage or even far east imported products.

Do you happen to have elongation tables you can provide from them? (I have novabraid's tables)

What did you spend per foot? & More importantly, where did u buy them?

I'm basically looking for feedback on some of the lesser known brands. Im trying to find a large 1"+ 100% nylon cordage, that won't break the bank @ $4-5 pr ft. I have found some options but they don't have elongation charts. The elongation is pivotal to the application I'm using it for. I'm trying to create a kinetic energy sling.. but everything "known" i find through the marine vendors is marked up through the ROOF! & So arent the premade recovery slings themselves..

I've found Samson Super Strong at a decent price, but it's not as stretchy as i expected.

Novabraids Nova gold looks like a winner, but I've only found it extremely pricey.

CWC looks like it could work, but there's no known charts for it.

The basic problem here is, running into hard to swallow price points or unknown stretch. Ive been looking for a few weeks & speaking with clueless vendors so i figured it was time to reach out.

Ultimately, I'm looking for something that has upwards of 30% elongation at 100%mbs for $2-$2.50 pr ft... I know something exists.. i just can't find it.


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Nothing? None of you guys are using this stuff in place of Polydyne or other stretchy cordages? I for sure thought the rope nerds here would have all the answers & stats..


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I bought some cwc polyester twin core that I'm having tested as we speak.

Not exactly what your inquiry was about though.

Santiago Casanova

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Maybe you can get the cheap stuff and do some testing and see if it is what you are looking for. I have found that all nylon double braid and nylon core double braid make good kinetic recovery ropes. You just need to know how to use it and not expect more that the rope can give.