workers comp

  1. JJM IV

    Stump Grinding Business creation within a Tree Service

    I am exploring creating a stump grinding business that I can sub-contract stumps to. I am currently a LLC and wonder if there are significant tax and insurance benefits to having a stump grinding biz that is separate. That would save a lot of time on my tree crew and subsequently save on...
  2. JJM IV

    Workers Comp

    My workers comp insurance is insane (no claims ever made) and now they want more! I am looking for advice and an agent who can navigate and follow laws but reduce my cost, here in NC. Can I avoid paying WC my sub (stump grinding)? I signed my current policy ignorant and unknowing that I would...
  3. trippintrees

    Going From Lawn Maintenance to Tree Work...How did you do it?

    Hey Treebuzz Pros! I am a relatively new member to the site. I have so far enjoyed all of the good conversations about the business. Seem like pretty much everyone on here is willing to help each other out. Thus, why I am sticking my hand up, saying I need help please! So....I am a current...