1. Acerxharlowii

    Wanted- Tree Motion Light

    Anyone upgrade to the evo thst would like to get rid of their previous treemotion?
  2. Alejandro Concolor

    MCRS vs TreeMotion

    I have seen the two compared vaguely here and there. Thought a designated side by side might be OK. I had the Edge harness. It was good enough. A few pinch points and the waist belt would tend to loosen up, but it served me well. Now on to the next one. TM had the lower Ds. Nice. But can you...
  3. Thryfte

    is the Treemotion $200 better than the Sequoia?

    I know this industry is full of many correct opinions, so I'm just asking for yours. My decision is between the Sequoia and TM, and as a Canadian that means I can get a TM locally for around $780 after tax -OR- ship a Sequoia in from the UK for $398 after shipping but before taxes and duties...
  4. JonesClimber

    SOLD!! Treemotion Super Light Harness - Teufelberger $285 shipped CONUS

    For sale, one gently used Treemotion Super Light Harness by Teufelberger, bought new from Sherrill Tree on 7/6/2015, MFG date is 2014. I used it for a couple of rec climbs; note, I don't do tree work. There are a couple of scratches on the leg loops, which is purely cosmetic, just had to point...