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  1. Mark_B.

    Done here

    Too much noise, not enough signal. See you all in the real world. Regards, Mark
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    Climbers' Forum in Augsburg (GER)

    Climbers\' Forum in Augsburg (GER) Hi all just a quick reminder: On the 6 and 7 May the Climbers' Forum will be hosted as part of the German Tree Care Days in Augsburg, close to Munich. This will be the 16th year that a Climbers' Forum will be held. It is unique in regards to quality of...
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    Technical Advisory Committee

    In view of ever increasing complexity of tools and techniques being proposed for the TCCs , the ITCC Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was founded in 2009 (then as the Technical Advisory Group) and was/ is tasked to look at new and innovative techniques being introduced. To do so, we have wide...
  4. Mark_B.

    So you think you're a pretty hard case?

    So you think you\'re a pretty hard case? Then try this for size! This is the new Treemagineers canopyHOOK! Perfect for those tricky traverses. You can drag down branches with it. You can even at a pinch anchor you boat with it. Voilà.. don't let anyone ever say that we don't come up with...
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    Climbers' Forum @ the Baumpflegetage in Augsburg

    Climbers\' Forum @ the Baumpflegetage in Augsburg Hi all, on the 3 and 4 of May the Climbers' Forum will be held again during the German Treecare Days in Ausburg ( The forum, for those of you who have never been, is a unique platform for all things related to rope...
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    Ascent Event

    As a number of people have asked about it, this is the way we demoed the Alternative Ascent Event last year's ETCC in Prague. It will be held as an open event this year at ETCC in Vienna and will be showcased at ITCC in Sydney. The idea is the open up ascent, away from only footlocking, as this...
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    ETCC is going to be held in Vienna, Austria, this year. We're looking for volunteers to help with set-up, judging and tech'ing. If you've never been to an ETCC, come and check it out... it's always a very lively, dynamic event offering lots of opportunities to meet other climbers and...
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    How was today?

    Pretty good, I'd have to say... it's great to have new kit to play with.
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    ETCC Prague Results

    The results of yesterday's Masters' Challenge in beautiful Pruhonice Park are: Women: 1. Anja Erni, Switzerland 2. Jo Hedger, UK 3. Christine Sulzberger, Austria Men: 1. Jon Turnbull, UK 2. Bernd Strasser, Germany 3. Gregor Hansch, Switzerland 4. Nathanael Gros, France 5. Johann Gustavvson...
  10. Mark_B.

    DMM Impact Block testing

    Just finished editing the video of the testing we did of DMM's new Impact Blocks. I think it's safe to say that in the course of the three days we took them where few other have been! Watch some of the torsional loading going on in the video... not many blocks would stand that kind of abuse...
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    ETCC Prague

    This year's edition of the European Tree Climbing Comp is drawing ever closer. It will be taking place on the 12 and 13 June in Pruhonice Park, 20km to the south of Prague. There will be on-site camping, the Czech local organisers are sorting out all sort of interesting stuff for the evenings...
  12. Mark_B.

    Follow-up on the ETCC snap decision

    On a training course today I heard a story that kind of follows up the ETCC technical committee's decision to ban snaps nicely. This guy has a billy goat on his farm that is quite destructive when on rampage, so it's spent the summer tied to a tree. Yesterday it managed to free itself from the...
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    ... there seems to be a lot of it around these days. Even the hallowed halls of TB aren't immune. I actually find it very annoying. What I don't get about it is who do these people think they're reaching? Do they think I'm going to rush out and buy boxes full of Viox? Replica Rolexes? Viagra? I...
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    ETCC additional rules

    All climbers competing at the ETCC in Malmö should take a moment to have a look at a couple of rule changes for this year under following link :
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    All climbers competing at the ETCC in Malmö should take a moment to have a look at a couple of rule changes for this year under following link :
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    Hitch Climbers' Guide

    Hitch Climbers\' Guide Just to let you know, the second edition of the Hitch Climbers' Guide to the Canopy is now available as a free PDF download on the Treemagineers' web-site under the following link:
  17. Mark_B.

    Aerial Rescue Training

    A couple of weeks back we spent a day training aerial rescue with the crew... it's one of these things it's so easy to schedule and the to put off because because a big job has just come it, let's do it next month and hey what d'you know it's autumn already and yet another year has passed...
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    Climbers' Forum @ the Baumpflegetage in Augsburg

    Climbers\' Forum @ the Baumpflegetage in Augsburg On the 21 and 22 of April the Climbers' Forum will be held as a part of the Deutsche Baumpflegetage in Augsburg, Germany. It's going to be a full on two days packed with talks and demos on a wide range of topics from health issues, techniques...
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    Rope access

    Last week we did an industrial rope access course. The different approach to work at height was really interesting. For one of course as soon as you leave our arb world all other high angle professions use double safety systems. We were using ID for descending, Pantines, Crolls and Ascenders...
  20. Mark_B.

    ETCC video

    Petzl have a vid of this years ETCC in Turin up on their site: Very professionally done... see what you think.