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    My new Cougar saddle - hmmmmm....

    The Cougar has become our saddle of choice as well. It's comfortable and built to last. We have a couple with the new batten seat if anyone near us wants to try it on.
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    how young is to young to climb?

    We have 6 children and all have been introduced to climbing at different ages. My husband would like nothing more than to strap our 6 month old in a front pack and climb with him, but being the mom here, I am the voice of reason. Of course I don't see anything wrong with letting them swing with...
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    Cat In A Tree Folks

    Tom, Mette still has your card and she asks me almost everyday when you are going to call her! Lisa
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    Cat In A Tree Folks,2933,439101,00.html Oops..the link didn't work if someone can fix it that would be great
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    Cat In A Tree Folks,2933,439101,00.html There is a little box on the left hand side of the page that says "Send News Tips To" I used that box to submit my idea.
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    Cat In A Tree Folks

    I just saw a story on fox news about a cat that was stuck in a tree for 5 days. They shot it down with a high pressure water hose. How sad. Anyway..I emailed fox news and told them they should do a story on If others would email them, maybe we could get a story and get some...
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    help -Sick Cedar Elm

    Jimmy, try this link to Virgina Tech, Ask Dr. Dendro. Ask Dr. Dendro . I really like there tree ID site.
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    Grrr! We were robbed

    Why not use a live trap. It worked really well on the raccoon that was raiding my chicken house. Then I relocated him to a wooded area with several highways between us. :)
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    Structured water

    I'm filling my water bottles with coffee after reading the health benefits. Of course I never stopped drinking it even when they said it was BAD for you. I think Juan Valdez is paying off the medical community. (Conspiracy theory)
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    Hands on Training in Ft. Worth

    Hey Rich you sleeping in the trees while your here in Texas. I will hang with you if you can figure out how to rig a AC window unit to my tree boat. Looking forward to the climb. I will see you Friday morning!
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    Grip that saw

    I started carrying one of these military emergency bandages. I keep it in a small pouch on my belt. The bandage, elastic wrap and pressure bar all in one unit. I hope I never have to use it but I have practiced putting it on myself and my co-workers...
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    Storm work

    Great pics and video! Could you share a little of the bidding process? Did you price the job right? Anything unexpected that you didn't account for? What would you have bid differently looking back? Thanks :)
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    Unconditional Tolerance?

    All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing! Don't give up on your ideals just because you don't think you can make a difference. I think "Hub" from Secondhand Lions says best what I'm trying to say.
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    Unconditional Tolerance?

    I imagine that in 1776 the guys that penned the following paragraph had a very similar discussion about tolerance. If you haven't read it lately it is worth revisiting and sharing with your children. These are words that many men and women have given their life defending. "We hold these...
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    who's studying for the BCMA?

    Re: who\'s studying for the BCMA? The thing that sets TREE BUZZ apart from other arborist boards is the you can ask questions without being ridiculed for not knowing the answer. (It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer. Albert Einstein)
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    core training

    A great core exercise is the Kettlebells. You can't get more old school than Kettlebells. It works your whole body and cardio at the same time. Google Kettlebells and you will find a number of exercise regimes. Low cost no moving parts and slides under the bed.
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    New Weaver Saddle Model 1075 Cougar

    Our Shipment of Cougars are in. I would like to offer free shipping to U.S. Buzz members and we will take off $12.95 for international members. You can purchase the saddle out of our eBay store or call us direct (817) 237-5304.
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    Alliance For Community Trees

    Alliance For Community Trees is hosting a workshop in Orlando Florida May 28th. FUNDRAISING AND DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP WITH CONSERVATION FUNDRAISING EXPERT ANDY ROBINSON.
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    Utilizing the Urban Forest- May 16th, Boone NC

    They cancelled the conference due to a lack of registration. They are putting together a packet of information for anyone interested. The Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council here in Fort Worth, TX is interested in some of the speakers for a future tree conference here in the Texas.
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    Utilizing the Urban Forest- May 16th, Boone NC

    Is anyone else considering going to this? We are seriously considering making the trip but it looks like the nearest airport is 2 hours from the conference.Anyone familiar with this area that could help us out a little with logistics?