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  1. Talon Tree Service

    Echo 2511t

    Looking to sell or trade an echo2511t. I just bought the saw last week, have run it a handful of times, sharpened it once because the stock chain was dull. Paid $406 with tax, so that’s roughly what I’m looking for trade value. Would really like to trade for a 200t. saw is a pretty much brand...
  2. Talon Tree Service


    Buckingham Ergovation, size Small. Bought less than a month ago Worn 3-5 times. Like my sequoia better and have an MB coming my way so this can go. Price is $425 shipped to the lower 48. Can look into international at buyers expense. Will trade for other cool stuff, just let me know what you...
  3. Talon Tree Service

    What tree is this?

    Just bought a house that’s got about 6 of these trees on the property. They all are full of dead wood, and are very sappy when freshly cut. It spurs extremely hard and the wood is yellow when first cut, like locust. I know it’s not honey or black locust. Friend of mine that’s an arborist said...
  4. Talon Tree Service

    New and learning Climber, great work ethic

    I’m based out of Bargersville IN. Would like to stay in the state. I have all my own Srt and ddrt climbing gear, saws, polesaw, and the basics in 1/2” rigging gear. Looking for some work since my new business is new and not keeping me busy as I’d like. I have experience with, from most...
  5. Talon Tree Service

    Chipper advice

    I’m a small business just starting out. I work a job or 2 per week, and subcontract as a timber cutter during the week but the treework is picking up with the warmer weather, getting busy enough that my crew and I are really getting tired of piling brush into my 20’ utility trailer and hauling...
  6. Talon Tree Service


    Brand new never used pads. I’ll sell for $50 shipped to the lower 48 states, or will trade for other gear. Particularly looking for Micro pulleys, auto biners, a Petzl grigri but shoot me whatever you got. I can add some cash if need be
  7. Talon Tree Service


    Its 120’ long, has one eye splice and hasn’t been climbed on 10 times and always with mechanicals. I prefer thicker ropes and I usually need 150ft of rope for the trees around here so it’s just sitting in my garage. I’ll trade for some other gear that you may not be using, I can add some cash on...
  8. Talon Tree Service

    Stihl 362 wrap handle and parts

    Everything you need to take your non wrap 362, to a wrap handled 362. You can’t just buy the wrap handle, you need the side cover, different plastic pieces, av springs, bolts, everything in the pics. I used the wrap handle maybe 5 times and like the standard handle better so I went to the...