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  1. luke capa

    Is fireblight treatable? (once heavily established)

    We had a some hail last spring and pretty much every crabapple and apple in the area has fireblight. Many are completely covered to the point where sanitation pruning is almost not an option because the entire canopy has fireblight. Is there anything that can be done I have looked into copper...
  2. luke capa

    Importing Chipper from Canada?

    I am looking into buying a new chipper and I have found one in Canada. Has anyone brought one in from Canada? Are there any reasons I should not buy a chipper in another country?
  3. luke capa

    Need opinions on Vermeer sc 252

    I am looking into buying a stump grinder and I found a Vermeer sc 252 nearby. I have been talking to friends and they all have bad things to say about them. I do not need the best grinder, I am just starting up and everyone said that a 6 inch morbark was too small but I love it. So do you guys...
  4. luke capa

    buckingham titanium spurs no pads

    titanium buckinghams with pole gaffs 180 OBO shipped to lower 48. They are in great shape, just dont fit my spikescender
  5. luke capa

    whoopie sling questions

    When making a whoopie sling is there a reason that the standard is an adjustable eye rather than a fixed eye size and an adjustable length? will the sling be compromised if not made in the traditional style with an adjustable eye?