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  1. Jack Valenti

    Rope Wrench optimized for larger lines?

    Hey guys, am I the only one that isn't really into gripping skinny lines all the time? I do, because that's what works with my wrench the best, but it would be amazing if there was, say, a larger size optimized for larger ropes. I don't want to fiddle with hand ascenders or having to wear...
  2. Jack Valenti

    Kask Zen smoked lenses?

    Anybody know where I can get one? Or why it seems there are only clear ones in the states?
  3. Jack Valenti

    Goodie Grab Bag

    Please take all this stuff. I don't want to separate anything, but I will id it's something like the bar or the visir. Make an offer and pay shipping. Everything is in fair to good condition and certainly not broken or unusable, but I have too much stuff. *Used zubat 330 blade, I felt bad...
  4. Jack Valenti

    Another Price Drop! 8/16 Arbortec Scaffel Boots. Pantin. Oregon 16" Bar. Other Misc Hardware.

    I have a bunch of stuff for sale. If you buy $50 or more I'll pay shipping. Prices are best offer. I accept Paypal and can ship to the continental US. I need to recoup some money to buy new boots. I purchased the boots just over two weeks ago (July 24th) from Honey Brothers. While they are...