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    4SRT Chest Harness 'SOLD'

    Great condition, hardly used. Standard size. $26 shipped with USPS Priority to continental US. PayPal friends and family preferred.
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    SOLD...DMM Captain Hook kit

    Captain Hook used maybe 5 times. Brand new DMM 6 litter bag 40ft Sirius Reep Schnur with one sewn eye. $150 shipped free USPS Priority to the 48.
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    Odds & Ends

    All in like new or actually new condition clearing out items I don’t use. 1- CT figure 8 2- SRT chest strap 3- CT Ascender 4- Petzl Rollclip Z 5- Mini collapsible throwline bag 6- TreeStuff magnetic lanyard bag $75.....buyer pays shipping to wherever.
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    "SOLD" RopeShields

    Never used 1 large, 2 small RopeShields. $45? Shipping included to the 48 USPS Priority.
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    "SOLD" Thunder Sling

    SOLD. A demo thunder sling. I never use it is why I’m looking to sell. $90. Free shipping priority mail Continental US. PayPal friends & family preferred.
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    Petzl Rig for sale $85

    $85 shipped free to the 48. Petzl Rig I bought used out here for $100. Played with it for a few climbs, wear indicator is good. No mushrooming at the carabiner attachment. Normal use wear on outside rope guide. $85 shipped free to the 48.
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    Petzl ZiGZag SOLD

    Version 3, climbed with it 4-5 times recreationally. I am not an Arborist, this ZigZag has never seen sawdust. Climbing mostly with the BDB, Wrench and Rig....this has just been sitting in the bag not getting use is the only reason I’m looking to sell. $195 shipped USPS Priority to the 48.
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    Almost new RopeRunner for sale. SOLD

    Used a couple of times up and down, practically new. Small scratch where I opened the bollard when I got it as you can see in the pic. $245 PayPal friends & family please. Shipped free to the 48 USPS Priority unless buyer prefers different shipping method. Thanks, Scotty
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    WTB Petzl Left-Handed Ascender.

    Before buying a new one, checking to see if anyone has one in good condition they would like to sell. Looking for a Left-Handed only. Thanks
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    Rope Runner (Sold)

    Very lightly used Red Rope Runner. Only use was up and down a few times on a variety of ropes. $245 shipped free to the 48 only. PayPal "gifted" please.
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    WTB Petzl Rig

    Checking to see if anyone has a Rig in good condition before purchasing a new one.
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    Petzl Pantin & TreeStuff Magnetic Lanyard bag

    Practically new Petzl Pantin (right foot)used a couple of times, prefer the Ct so this is just sitting in my bag. $55 shipped free to the 48. TreeStuff magnetic lanyard bag New in Package $20 shipped free to the 48. PayPal "gifted" payment please. Thanks
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    Item cancelled

    Blaze 120ft from Treestuff one eye splice. Used about 5 times, by that I mean climbing around for a couple of hours each time trying it out. I'm not an arborist, it hasn't been used for working all day. Have not seen any pulled fibers. Did run about a 10ft section over some moss, wiped it down...
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    2 Petzl Right-handed Ascenders(SOLD)

    I have 2 right handed Petzl ascenders to sell. I need a left-hand ascender is the only reason for selling. 1 is practically new, just took tags off to try it out (pic of tag). Bought recently off EBay but they sent me the wrong one. Then they sent me the other one which was another right one...
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    WTB Rope Wrench - ZK2

    Looking to buy a Rope Wrench (ZK2) that may not be getting use because of mechanicals.
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    Petzl right-handed ascender

    HH2 used less than 10 times recreational, I'm a Fireman who likes to climb, not an Arborist. Tried to take close up pics to show very little signs of use. HH2 + Petzl Oxan + HHholster + 10mm beeline that came with + new 9mm sterling RIT cord. $140 shipped free to the 48. Also: Petzl...
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    Petzl I'd L (SOLD)

    Used once, as the pictures show no wear . $175 shipped free to the 48.
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    Carabiners lightly used (SOLD)

    2 Petzl Am'd carabiners. Lightly used. I black diamond double locking (never used). Selling only because I prefer Rock Exotica's opposite action. $35 shipped to the 48 for all,