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  1. rimu

    "New" throwbags

    Re: \"New\" throwbags Hi All I will say a couple of things. The Harrison rocket came about because down here in NZ back in the late '90's selection of arborist products was very limited and prices were high. After a visit from Ken Palmer, Tobe S and one or two others I think in 97 we Kiwi's...
  2. rimu

    Jepson's Clove Hitch?

    Re: Jepson\'s Clove Hitch? I find the clove hitch with the two half hitch "back-ups" great for small diameter pieces but like it has been said big bits can roll out. A timber hitch with half hitch is more reliable on larger pieces or a running bowline for that matter. I prefer to keep...
  3. rimu


    Re: throwbag Hi all All this talk about "throwballs" reminds me of the time that i stood on my line and the throwbag recoiled back and hit me in the b-lls (you know, where it hurts). I was down on the ground with a trainee up the tree. He was wondering what was taking me so long to come up and...
  4. rimu

    Must see: Interview with smash and run victim

    Good report of a bad job. Unfortunately these sorts of actions and then inactions give arborists (and in this case kiwis) a bad name. Cheers Rimu
  5. rimu

    Tongue and groove scarf or notch

    Thanks Ekka This vid is great. Clear and concise. A useful technique for small trees. Cheers
  6. rimu

    climbing with the wind

    got any pics? I like the cube theory! Here is a shot of the trees (hope it works). Not windy this day. Rimu
  7. rimu

    climbing with the wind

    I forgot to say the pine job went fine the next day in light to moderate winds.
  8. rimu

    climbing with the wind

    We have no set regulation for wind strength here in NZ but there comes a point where you fight the wind so much the job becomes very slow and the risks increase. For example last week i needed to set up a 40+metre pine for climbing the next day. there was a strong wind and i spent almost an hour...
  9. rimu

    This guy must be drunk

    Re: This guy must be druck I can't believe anyone would eat a cheeseburger prior to climbing. Lentil soup has to be better for you. No wonder the dude was climbing like a madman. Rimu
  10. rimu

    This guy must be drunk

    Re: This guy must be druck Sorry no offense intended. But if this is an open forum where new climbers may be looking for ideas isn't it best if "good" techniques are emphisised and "bad techniques are pointed out as what they are. Dangerous. IMO
  11. rimu

    This guy must be drunk

    Re: This guy must be druck Nice touch using the feet to advance the hitch. Worth practicing just above the ground first to know you can control the descent without loosing control. He would improve the working life of his shoulders if he used a lanyard when in position for the cuts and it...
  12. rimu

    Tree claw / grapple

    Would the claw edges, with the razor tooth look to them, damage the bark of an average tree? Looks like they might rip into a smoothed barked Eucalyptus or Platanus. One of those things that would be good on occasion but when the occasion arises it's still in the truck.
  13. rimu

    Educational Opurtunites in Arboriculture

    If you are looking for a course that goes to diploma level and keen on seeing a unique part of the world with a mild winter, have a look at.
  14. rimu

    holes in muffler?

    Thanks once again Very useful info you have given. Cheers
  15. rimu

    Karabiner research report

    Good pics thanks Mark. Do you mind if I use them? (i have the one with Bush on my wall) Cheers
  16. rimu

    holes in muffler?

    Thanks again. Just one more question (while I'm on a roll). Will the change in back-pressure affect engine life? (I had been told years ago that the holes/cracks in my old 2-stroke MX bike exhaust could cause engine problems) Cheers
  17. rimu

    holes in muffler?

    thanks for that Glens. Do you or anyone know about the warranty situation? or what effect it could have on the life of the saw? We don't as yet have a clean air act here in NZ. But i know you can't work in a forest without a spark arrester. Cheers
  18. rimu

    holes in muffler?

    Hi All Recently had a young climber turn up on site with an ms200t that had holes drilled in it's muffler. Just came across the thread ms361 and see the pic of the saw with the holes in muffler. Does this improve performance? But also wouldn't carrying out a mod of this type void the...
  19. rimu

    Chaps in the trees

    Using triple action karabiners is not an industry requirement here in NZ but all sensible climbers i know use the triple action type because we know they are safer. If it's safer and causes no real probs why not do it. (wear chainsaw peotection in the tree that is) Do we have to wait for the...
  20. rimu

    Chaps in the trees

    Chainsaw protection is mandotory here in NZ whether you are in the tree or on the ground. If you use trousers of a good design there should be no problems. I know a guy here with 10 years experience cut his leg (only had jeans on). He was twenty metres up and was very fortunate to get down...