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    Clogger Zero sizing.

    I'm putting in a order for a pair of Zeros in the next couple of days but want to make sure I get the right size. The chart seems to put me right between the L and the XL(wrong) as I read it. I wear a 36-32 pant normally, would any of you who are my size care to chime in? Looked at the chart...
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    HTP Static 10mm for DDRT.

    I know that this rope is geared towards SRT use, but I am wondering how it fares as a DDRT rope. Using 200' hanks and having them secured in a bag on my belt for crane use is starting to get a little heavy with my 11+mm lines, thus the HTP has my attention. Any thoughts would be appreciated...
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    HT 133

    We have reached the point where it just wasn't worth repairing out HT 131's and picked up an HT 133. Are there any known issues, or quirks with the 133 that I should be aware of?
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    Time for a new Figure 8

    After a decade of use, my Blue Water figure 8 has eroded away enough for me to not trust it any more. It's time for a new one. I see there are tons of funky shaped ones on the market, each with it's own claims to fame, but do any of them actually add anything game changing to a a device that...
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    Time for new boots.

    I have finally managed to kill the soles on my Timberland Boondocks after 22 months of hard use, in the tree and on the ground. I pretty much wear these boots for everything. While I would have no issue getting another pair, I was wondering if anybody has gone from Boondocks into another boot...
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    Little tricks

    What are some of the little tricks you have picked up through the years? Recently, I have started to use a retrieval ball on my rigging line in the place of an overhand slip knot. It means that i can leavr in in place when the rope gets pulled back up and it doesn't fall out of my rigging...
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    Petzl Nitro Shock Absorber

    When I first saw this a few years ago (and only climbing ddrt at the time) I was trying to figure out a way to implement into my system. Now that I'm using srt more regularly, I was wondering if anybody has ever thought to put one of these down at their base anchor to mitigate some of the...
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    Okay, what now?

    I had asked for yale xtc 24 when i bought this hank of rope a year or so back. I was told that it was yale, just with a custom colour patern. The plastic inside has told me otherwise. What I have is an Atlantic Braid 24 strand with a braided core, and 3 parallell core strands within the...
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    Sena headsets.

    What is the actual sena model number on the ropetek system?
  10. Limb It

    Mammut Kernmantle Rope.

    I have a length of this cord from Mammut, and wanted to splice an eye into the end of it. Any thought as to whether these New England instructions would work?
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    Rope ID help

    I gor a 100' hank of a blue 12 strand two carrier rope that is much stiffer than the tenex im used to. The blue is much richer than the blue tenex that ive used, and the rope is quite stiff.
  12. Limb It

    Thoughts on this adjustable ring and ring sling.

    Has anybody made a sling like the one pictured below? Please excuse the crude drawing, thats about all of the artistic ability that i have. Construction will be two seperate pieces of half inch tenex. Tripple brummeled, 1.5 fid bury, and back spliced. If i make this, will it be safe to have...