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  1. Stihlmadd


    nothing fancy just a good fun removal. Ben
  2. Stihlmadd

    Go Fish

    tail end of an emergency removal using a KATO crane to finish off the tree. cheers Ben
  3. Stihlmadd

    Walkerville Redux

    a crane job at a Catholic church I did years ago that YT pulled the original video down for a copyright claim on the music so I took the opportunity to do a Redux version. Ben
  4. Stihlmadd


    raw and completely unedited....
  5. Stihlmadd

    Smashdown Productions

    Dying Red Gum retrenchment for the installation of habitat boxes, I didn't get to install the boxes tho :inocente: cheers Ben.
  6. Stihlmadd


    Radiata Pine removal at a rural location . standard fare - nothing too dramatic but it was rather windy. cheers Ben
  7. Stihlmadd


    confined space removal over one day of a river red gum in a rear courtyard Enjoy my Riggas. Ben PS whoever changed the emoji character set - could you please change it back thank you.
  8. Stihlmadd

    Spotty Knights

    two day removal of a spotted gum with a crane assist on the stem section nothing too fancy - made this vid in part for the customers to show their grandchildren. :D Ben
  9. Stihlmadd

    Close Quarters

    euc removal in a toight LZ this week :D
  10. Stihlmadd

    Current Year 2018

    nothing fancy - just a compilation of jobs that I have knocked out recently. :D Ben.
  11. Stihlmadd

    Total Reecoil

    a compilation video from tree work this year to feature the Full reach and Big Boss chainsaw lanyards from Reecoil. this is a non paid friendly endorsement by me to assist a fellow climber ( and yes an Aussie ) in his new business venture. disclaimer ( I did get a T-shirt and a couple of new...
  12. Stihlmadd

    Zombtree Chipocalypse

    4 1/2 day removal of a dead Euc , last half day with a 40 ton Terex crane enjoy Ben :D
  13. Stihlmadd


    two day crane assisted removal over a child care centre . Ben :D
  14. Stihlmadd

    Winter Fall

    two days of removals in the Adelaide hills .. nothing fancy just having some fun. cheers, Ben.
  15. Stihlmadd


    three day prune up of the biggest and tallest River red gum I have ever climbed, deadwooding and lateral end weight reduction some thinning involved. enjoy, Ben :D
  16. Stihlmadd

    Two Reds later...

    double Red gum removal over three days. left this one longer cause a groundie I like said my vids were becoming a series of gratuitous cum shots (as he put it). cheeky welsh sod. :D enjoy Ben
  17. Stihlmadd


    stone pine removal over several days including a treehouse rig out ( a first for me) nothing massive or fantastic . Ben :D
  18. Stihlmadd

    It's Gotta Go !

    tasmanian blue gum removal on the main road at Maccesfield. Ben. :D
  19. Stihlmadd

    Full Metal Smashit

    slow paced video about the removal of a very long dead river red gum. Ben :D
  20. Stihlmadd

    2016 treework Compilation

    as the title says Folks , enjoy. :D Ben