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  1. Jamin_Mayer

    Climber II or Climber III Arborist Needed

    We need an arborist who can do all phases of tree work. You would be expected to perform technical/ tight area tree removals, crane assisted tree removals, structure pruning of young and mature trees, and a true understanding of ornamental tree pruning. A Climber III arborist would be...
  2. Jamin_Mayer

    Hong Kong Tree Climber Badly Hurt

    I don't know if this was posted here, on the Buzz. If it has been posted, sorry. I saw this on Facebook today. This is one of the most violent accidents I've ever seen (for tree work). :eek:(You may not want your kids to see this). I just hope this guy never has to experience something...
  3. Jamin_Mayer

    Parker Tree Service, of Longmont, Colorado is Hiring

    I need a Certified Arborist, who is capable of all demands of tree work. This would be a Climber III/Team Lead position. Ask me what I'm willing to pay a starting foreman wage... STARTING WAGE is $24/hour. Feel free to initiate contact via email: --Jamin Mayer
  4. Jamin_Mayer

    Climber/Foreman/C.A. Needed: Longmont, CO

    I need a foreman who can do all phases of tree work. I will only accept a Certified Arborist. I am willing to start at $23/hour, if the candidate can prove competency. There are other benefits to the job. Feel free to email me. --Jamin Mayer
  5. Jamin_Mayer

    EAB in Colorado. Advice Please.

    This may be old news to many here, but we have EAB in Boulder, CO. I've only had head knowledge about EAB since 2002. I finally get to experience it. Now, I'm faced with some questions, I haven't thought about. A customer asked me this, "My Autumn Purple Ash looks great right now...
  6. Jamin_Mayer

    Foreman Needed in Longmont, CO

    We need a foreman for Parker Tree Service, of Longmont, CO. Due to the seasonal high volume of work and now the flood damaged trees, we are in need of a foreman. If $23/hour is a reasonable start, email me. There are some other perks to talk about as well... Thank you, --Jamin Mayer...
  7. Jamin_Mayer

    Throw Bag with Rings on Both Ends?

    Anyone know of a company that makes rings on both ends of a throw bag? I'm tired of expensive throw bags with the flimsy stiching on the bottom of their bags. They are a wast of money. Petzl appears to have beafed up their stitching to keep the rings from ripping off. And Petzl has a thicker...
  8. Jamin_Mayer

    Live Bottom Chip Trucks

    I've been holding onto this idea for a while now. It's driving me crazy. But, I wanted to put it out there to see if anyone thinks this is a good idea. We need live bottom chip trucks with hydraulic gates for chip trucks. The benefits would be (and not limited to): If you can back in a...
  9. Jamin_Mayer

    Achilles Tendinitis with Tree Climbing?

    I think I have a mild case of it setting in. My left heal/lower achilles tendion feel as if they would snap if I were to sprint. Every day it feels sore/tight. It hasn't translated over to full out pain, yet. I'm aware that rock climbers can get this too. So, I'm getting a little...
  10. Jamin_Mayer

    Palfinger Kboom Improvements

    The addition to Kbooms on the Buzz has prompted some Kboom research. (I've already spent hours, days and weeks into it). Things change and improve. I've found this stabilization control system video. Looks like an advantage for Palfinger...
  11. Jamin_Mayer

    Kong Futura Foot Ascender Comments

    Since this is not a life support piece of gear... I'll ask if anyone uses this. Anyone use the Kong Foot Ascender? It looks like a better product. It looks better to adjust, smaller and won't wiggle around.
  12. Jamin_Mayer

    Health Insurance Benefits

    How many employers provide health insurance benefits for their employees? How many employees get benefits? Can any employers let me know how it has helped improve moral, loyalty, retain talent, etc... (If any at all). I'm getting close to providing this for my employees soon.
  13. Jamin_Mayer

    Mate Down Under Gets Rescued

    I can't see what was the issue, but it didn't look like this kid has a T.I.P. Just a lanyard? The video shows him screaming while being rescued. He made it out okay. He was there 2 hours and I...
  14. Jamin_Mayer

    Are you the "Lone Nut" ?

    Are you the \"Lone Nut\" ? I'm sorry, but I had to post this here. Too many good business principles to let go unknown.
  15. Jamin_Mayer

    Tablets: Mobile Office Idea

    Does anyone use a Tablet for business? I can see their advantages now that I've seen them. I was sceptical when they first came out. I've been thinking... It would be a great idea to glue Velcro to the back of a Tablet and stick it to the sun visor of your vehicle. You could then use a...
  16. Jamin_Mayer

    Should have been butt tied... So many things to talk about with this video. But, I thought I'd focus on butt tie vs. mid-way tie. If he had butt tied that log, he would not have been hurt. Even with too much friction being used with his choice to use a natural...
  17. Jamin_Mayer

    PTO shaft into Model 90

    You guys ever change out the bearings on a PTO? We just changed ours out, but we cannot get the PTO shaft to get back into the clutch. Can anyone offer help?
  18. Jamin_Mayer

    Man takes chainsaw into a bar!

    No. This isn't a line from a joke. This guy was tryning to get revenge on some one who made him put out his cigarette. The people weren't going to put up with it either! Instant justice!
  19. Jamin_Mayer

    TCIA 2011 Wage & Benefit Survey?

    Was this ever published? I can only find 2009 as their current report. Also, I'm wondering how accurately these surveys are representing the tree care industry as a whole. If I remember right, they barely get over 100 business to respond. I'd imagine the U.S. has ten's of (if not well over...
  20. Jamin_Mayer

    We're Doomed!

    We\'re Doomed! A.I. is going to take over.