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  1. jerseywild

    2004 Ford F450 Diesel dump truck with L pac boxes

    2004 Ford Diesel F450 dump truck with L pac tool boxes Just turned 50,000 miles auto and air $18,000 856-678-4930 John
  2. jerseywild

    2001 International bucket truck

    2001 International bucket truck with High Ranger XT-55 60' working height. Around 45,000 miles and 8300hrs $35,000 856-678-4930
  3. jerseywild

    Caterpillar A19B auger with a 9" bit

    Caterpillar A19B auger with a 9\" bit Caterpillar A19B auger with a 9" bit $2000 856-678-4930 John
  4. jerseywild

    2004 Vermeer 1400XL Chipper with winch 2350 Hours

    2004 Vermeer 1400XL Chipper with winch in good condition $17,500
  5. jerseywild

    LoPro Greenteeth

    Has anybody switched over to the LoPro system from Greenteeth? If so what do you think of them?
  6. jerseywild

    Falling branch kills baby in NYC's Central Park

    Falling branch kills baby in NYC\'s Central Park NEW YORK - A 6-month-old baby was killed Saturday and her mother injured by a falling tree branch at New York's Central Park Zoo. Police said the 33-year-old New Jersey woman was posing with her baby in front of the sea lion exhibit and her...
  7. jerseywild

    Bill Camper Obituary

    William W. Camper "Skip" Share E-mail Visit Guest Book William W. Camper "Skip", age 58 of Alloway passed away suddenly on Saturday, November 7, 2009. Born in Salem, son of Dorothy Camper of Pennsville and the late James Channing Camper, he was raised in Pennsville and has been a resident of...
  8. jerseywild

    New competition in town! Should I be worried?

    Here is what we will be dealing with in 2009. I wonder who insures this company?
  9. jerseywild

    Arbor Tree Experts

    Arbor Tree Experts from Jackson NJ have a 2007 75' Bucket truck for sale on ebay with a startin g bid of $95,000 They also have a 2007 Vermeer 18" brush chipper on ebay.
  10. jerseywild

    Vermeer 1400XL

    I have a Vermeer 1400XL that has experienced cracking near the base of the chute. This is the second chute on the machine and both chutes cracked in the same location. I will post some pics of the cracks and my repair later.
  11. jerseywild

    Rayco RG 1625

    Listed on ebay
  12. jerseywild

    Welding repairs

    I found some time to catch up on much needed maintenance. The boom cradle was damaged when I was doing a job for a retired lineman. (worked for me part time a couple of years ago) he thought he would raise the outriggers but grabbed the lever for the dump instead. One of the reasons I like to...
  13. jerseywild

    Blue Spruce dying

    Need some help, what do you think? Its a Blue Spruce about 7 feet tall. It had alot of dead branchs all over the tree not localized in any one area. We remove the dead branches before the photos. It may be hard to see but the new growth is not on all the branches. Caution to dial up users the...
  14. jerseywild

    What do you do for fun?

  15. jerseywild

    why arabs throw rocks (last one)

    last one
  16. jerseywild

    why arabs throw rocks

    another one!
  17. jerseywild

    why arabs throw rocks

    see attachment!!!
  18. jerseywild

    Gun recoil

    The gun in the video is basically a "show and tell" custom built on a >Thompson Encore (fancy version of the Thompson Contender). >The Caliber... 600 Nitro Express. That's elephant gun round >in a handgun. The story goes that the guy that built it is some kind of >custom...
  19. jerseywild

    What does this look like?

    See attachments anybody have any guess what happened to this tree?
  20. jerseywild

    Fuel Cost on the rise again.

    Have not seen much on the effects of rising fuel cost posted. How is everyone holding up to the increase. The guys down South are you having trouble even getting fuel.