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  1. Adam_P

    Pferd CS-X Filing Guides - 3/8 and 3/8P

    More info here: $50 shipped USPS for both in the US. Paypal friends and family only. Thanks for looking.
  2. Adam_P

    WTB: Silky Sugoi

    Anyone have a sugoi they'd want to part with? Cash or trade.
  3. Adam_P

    Misc Gear

    Still available: Toss Wand - medium. I made the inner rod out of stainless. The outer rod was bent at the tip when I got it, which never caused any issues for me but it's worth mentioning. No snares. was 40 now $25 sold: ART Cocoon 2 2 Rock Exotica RockO's with lanyard pins CMI 2" Pulley...
  4. Adam_P

    New Tribe Treefox

    $100, I'll cover shipping in the lower 48. Paypal preferred. Here's the details on it: Same as a NT yellow jacket in muted colors. Thanks for looking!
  5. Adam_P

    Spiderjack 2.1 Dyneema + 3 New Cams $300

    I'm selling my SJ2.1 Dyneema. I've got 3 brand new spare cams. $300 and I'll cover shipping in the lower 48. I can post pics if you need them.
  6. Adam_P

    New Pantin vs Old

    Aside from the size difference, the new one has some slight changes. The way the top strap travels through the pantin itself appears like it would change the orientation on your foot with a slight pitch. No biner lockoff hole The foot strap has no cordura on it and doesn't look like it...
  7. Adam_P

    Double Braid Whipping

    I'm curious why some instructions say to whip and lock stitch (neropes) and others (samson) just call for lock stitching. Obviously, the lock stitching makes total sense to me, but what's the purpose of the whipping on a double braid class 1 eye?
  8. Adam_P

    Atlas Fit Therma 451 Gloves - Medium

    I have a dozen pair of the thermal Atlas Fit gloves in medium. I accidentally ordered medium and need large. $25 for the dozen and I'll cover priority mail shipping.
  9. Adam_P

    Buckingham 4D Saddle

    Selling my old saddle.. it's a buckingham classic pinnacle 1291t medium. Asking $180 free shipping. Or if you have any bridge type saddle in large you don't want I'd be game to work something out. Thanks for looking.
  10. Adam_P

    WTB Petzl Mini Traxion

    If you've got a traxion you don't want shoot me a PM. Looking for the red mini one. Thanks.
  11. Adam_P

    Large Eye in 8mm Beeline?

    Can anyone see anything wrong with a large eye for girth hitching on 8mm beeline? I know it seems weird to do a large eye, but it'll be a fixed length tether for my unicender. I still want to be able to remove the tether for SRT. So, any issues with the the 8mm girthing in terms of abrasion...
  12. Adam_P

    Arborist Toss Splicing Wand 42"

    Arborist Toss Splicing Wand 42\" Selling my long toss wand (42" one). Has a bike toggle on the handle now and a vectran snare. I'm going to put in a length of vectran that should last you forever. $60 through paypal and I'll ship fedex ground. Thanks for looking!
  13. Adam_P

    Petzl Voltige Chest Harness

    Anyone interested in a voltige chest harness before it goes on ebay? I don't use it and I'm looking to get a few bucks toward some canopy pants. $25 shipped USPS anywhere in the lower 48. Paypal preferred
  14. Adam_P

    SRT Cinch Discussion

    I'd like to start a discussion about a TIP Cinch in SRT. I've just recently begun climbing single rope and right now a cinch is the most comfortable setup for me. I spent some time searching and found a great thread about it, which can be found here. After checking out that thread I sent...
  15. Adam_P

    Least Favorite Rope To Splice?

    Just curious.. I used to hate 16 strand until I made a 3 foot 3/16" "needle" for it. Now I don't mind it at all. I did a coupe eyes in tachyon today and the final 2 inches of the bury are a pita. I used a swabish to finish up. So.. what's your least favorite and why? Maybe we can pick up a...
  16. Adam_P

    New Spiderjack Mods

    The new spiderjack mods arrived from Honeybros yesterday. Here's a couple pictures and a quick video that should give you a decent look at the new stuff.
  17. Adam_P

    Rope Wrench

    Rope Wrench with tether, DMM thimble, quick release pin, and clip. Don't crucify me, I liked it but I'm going to try out a uni. $100 I'll ship USPS with tracking.
  18. Adam_P

    Misc Climbing Stuff

    I've got some misc gear I don't use/need anymore. I'll cover shipping USPS priority mail so don't sweat that. I'd prefer paypal. Shotline winder - no line, throwbag, or clip. $25 Petzl Ascension Right Hand- $45 2ft buckingham FS STEEL rings - SOLD 6ft steel - SOLD Any questions...