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  1. Adam_P

    Repair Storm damaged Linden advice

    I'd clean up the side that took the most damage and, if the homeowner was ok with it, even leave some of the "hangars" if they were say 2/3 or more connected. If it did experience significant canopy loss on one side from the storm I wouldn't touch the other side. Re-eval next season. Snap...
  2. Adam_P

    APTA-tude adjustment

    I'd sell you my bigshot with a 3:1 setup and wichard quick release in a heartbeat. I could use the extra money to buy a better pump.... ;) APTA4L
  3. Adam_P

    Pferd CS-X Filing Guides - 3/8 and 3/8P

  4. Adam_P

    Pferd CS-X Filing Guides - 3/8 and 3/8P

    Sale pending
  5. Adam_P

    Pferd CS-X Filing Guides - 3/8 and 3/8P

    More info here: $50 shipped USPS for both in the US. Paypal friends and family only. Thanks for looking.
  6. Adam_P

    Wood tick removal

    Which method makes them puke in you? I've been using the method in the OP for years on me and my dogs. I'd say the video is an example of best case. It can take up to 5 minutes but they almost always back out. No ticks have puked in me that I know of!
  7. Adam_P

    APTA-tude adjustment

    Tom, I've been watching for weeks with bated breath. Did you get arrested for mortaring avocados around the neighborhood? What are you other APTAers using for manual pumps? I got a Joe Blow Max from amazon based on good reviews, but it blew a seal at 110PSI. It also took about 30 pumps to...
  8. Adam_P

    Marking gear.

    Electric engravers/etchers are cheap now: I marked a lot of my older wrenches after some turd was working on his Jeep at my house and tried to tell me a bunch of my stuff was his. That dremel would work well for...
  9. Adam_P

    Rope Runner Problems

    Jay or Kevin, maybe one of you could make a post about this in the SRT forum too. It gets more traffic than this one.
  10. Adam_P

    Sherrill style redirect?

    There's a wichard shackle on the retrieval side.
  11. Adam_P

    Sherrill style redirect?

    Easily duplicated with a couple yates loop runners: Less bulky and with just a few girth hitches you're all set.
  12. Adam_P

    Johnny Pro

    Delicious. Two questions: What ropes are you using? Is your runner stock width?
  13. Adam_P

    Johnny Pro

    Johnny, can you bring pizza and beer back?
  14. Adam_P

    Compact Bulldog Bone

    I don't have original arms to compare this to, but I'd speculate that these arms also keep the upper arms more horizontal than the flat lowers. I'll try to post a pic tomorrow and maybe someone else can take a picture with the flat arms for an overlay comparison.
  15. Adam_P

    Compact Bulldog Bone

    Gordon made great thing even better. Locking links, rubber grips on the upper arms, and new lower arms that work very well in a 3:1 setup. I'm psyched. :)
  16. Adam_P

    Climbing Stuff

    I'll take the nano. PM incoming.
  17. Adam_P

    ABR Rigging Thimbles

    I'd imagine some companies, especially the nationwide outfits, may require rings developed and tested specifically for an arborist application. The stamped aluminum rings would fill that gap. Treestuff still sells x-rings and all the associated slings so a lot of this thread seems moot. Since...
  18. Adam_P

    Grapple with this

    I'd sent the creator a message asking about weight. His reply was "The stainless version is 12 oz. while the titanium version I estimate to be about 6 oz."
  19. Adam_P


    Wow, I literally just took pics of mine and was about to post it. I'll PM you.
  20. Adam_P

    Misc Gear

    Yep they're on there way to Washington. Toss wand is semi-pending. I'll update the list now.