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  1. diogenes

    Pruning Queen Palms

    Take a length of rope and on one end make a loop for girth hitching around the trunk. On the other end tie a double loop figure 8 / bunny ears or whatever to get 2 loops. You can then have both feet in the loops around the trunk. Something like the posted video here
  2. diogenes

    Nasty Plant in Virginia Causes Severe Burns

    I got burned by something in california, probably the cow parsnip. Back of hands and forehead had what looked like spotty chemical burns
  3. diogenes

    Building teams in tree work

    If the person is skilled, sure they might not need the level of attention someone else would and might have an alternate, yet equally effective method than what you had in mind to complete a task. But, if they are unskilled, how else are they going to learn the right way without direction?
  4. diogenes

    Basal Anchors

    Normally I set my line so that I can pull only enough tail through the tip that is needed to work the tree. When doing this, for the base anchor I tie a running bowline with a bight, and it is recommended to finish the tail of the bowline in a way that will prevent it from slipping from...
  5. diogenes

    Cougar blue

    I have nothing to add but I just finished a splice of lightly used cougar blue. Took about an hour and a half... Not too easy, but definitely have a sense of accomplishment.
  6. diogenes

    Western Chapter TCC Doyle Park, Santa Rosa 6/16-17

    Sorry! Delete this if necessary
  7. diogenes

    Interesting Japanese climbing spikes

    Spiking pruning jobs? Hmm. If I spike a tree it's being removed.
  8. diogenes

    Hiring an Experienced Foreman in Portland, OR

    Need work here pm me
  9. diogenes

    Western Chapter TCC Doyle Park, Santa Rosa 6/16-17

  10. diogenes

    Interesting Japanese climbing spikes

    What advantage would you gain with these?
  11. diogenes

    Hitch Hiker Reviews

    Using the hh2 with a swivel(pulley) has made it so much more better. I use the rook and it's perfect. Also, Sterling flex 8mm has been Great. Thank you Sterling, it's worked with 12.5 16 strand, db 11.7, 11.5, 5 wraps. And thanks @yoyoman for showing that rook/hh combo
  12. diogenes

    Ropes you use

    Vortex is great but is big n heavy fyi. Try some of that 11.7.
  13. diogenes

    Hitch Hiker Reviews

    Ok, I read your first question incorrectly. Must have been tired. Yes, it helps keep everything aligned if you don't mind the extra hardware.
  14. diogenes

    Hitch Hiker Reviews

    Yes, I think. What do you mean tend slack without the biner?
  15. diogenes

    What rope is this?

    My experience/opinion only, but when I started climbing I was given a roughly 8 foot blaze lanyard. Many times I'd get into a pickle, and was told that length lanyard wasn't doing me any favors, so I made a 16-strand 15fter. I was really liking that for a while until I realized a few months went...
  16. diogenes

    Insulated tool double standards

    I used to do rural line clearance. Indirect contact is avoided as much as possible. It is avoided as much as direct contact and if you are found to have made indirect contact you are "demoted." Due to the nature of the job, it is obviously much more common to happen by accident than direct...
  17. diogenes

    Removal but I'm still not sure what it was...

    Well, if not a velvet Ash then I'll guess it's a Privet
  18. diogenes

    Purchased rope ends

    Regarding the ends of the rope being unmelted, I don't think that is a disservice. There are many ways to terminate a line or splice or attach some non-midline devices, and if the vendor did this by default many people would have to cut pieces off the end to use as they'd like. If you prefer the...
  19. diogenes

    Insulated tool double standards

    The hot sticks are rated to actually touch the lines. Our pole tools can only be used within the MAD. I think you'd be violating ansi to make indirect contact.
  20. diogenes

    Please identify these three trees?

    Welcome to the buzz board. While some of the folks here have great skill iding "trees from a distance," the best way to get help with tree id is to get a close up picture of a branch, preferably with leaves, and as you did in one picture, the bark. Those must be some happy sheep.