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  1. JJM IV

    Stump Grinding Business creation within a Tree Service

    I am exploring creating a stump grinding business that I can sub-contract stumps to. I am currently a LLC and wonder if there are significant tax and insurance benefits to having a stump grinding biz that is separate. That would save a lot of time on my tree crew and subsequently save on...
  2. JJM IV

    Stump Grinder remote cable?

    My remote cable for a Carlton 4400D has been spliced / taped too many times and is shorting out the switches in actual remote box. Where can I get the cable and put old remote box and connection back into service? Any recommendations?
  3. JJM IV

    Question about the HASS system

    My climbing innovations bungee is going on 1.5 yrs, using it 3 or 4 times / week.
  4. JJM IV

    Foot ascender / spur ascender

    Looking for the best spur ascender out there. I think my CT foot ascender is the best so leaning towards the CT Spur Support along with Quick Tree (spur) Ascender. Any opinion about the Notch foot ascender?
  5. JJM IV

    Starting out considerations of buying a crane?

    I am in Eastern NC where the trees are not that tall. I am considering a purchase of a crane. How will it affect my insurance, incl workers comp? What size should I start with? Making a few extra picks (vs huge cost) is OK. I run a single crew, have a 16' chip truck, 18" chipper, bucket...
  6. JJM IV

    Treehog Gear

    Any reviews or opinions on Treehog TH5000 climbing saddle or rigging blocks?
  7. JJM IV

    Retiring, "again" any young guys need a good climbing saw?

    My Sr mentor is 76 and still climbs one or two days a week, for the love of it. Incredible!
  8. JJM IV

    anyone try to climb with any of these gloves?

    I will test some gloves. I climb and or run the ropes every day. I will write up a review if that helps too.
  9. JJM IV

    2002 International Bucket Truck $21,000

    Unknown - electronic meter no longer toggles from miles to hrs. I will try again.
  10. JJM IV

    What do you think of my newest build?

    I think these rigs are awesome!
  11. JJM IV

    2002 International Bucket Truck $21,000

    Fully operable, Good condition truck with 55' Aerial Lift CT Boom. Diesel CAT motor, manual transmission, with 157,000 miles. 11” Forestry dump. New king pins and clutch. Rear knuckle of boom has a crack (see pic). May be welded. Truck (not boom) is still being used on a daily basis.
  12. JJM IV

    Whats your comms unit of choice?

    Sounds like the guy I need to hear from! I have two older SENA set ups. I don't think there is a noise reduction mode. Annoying! Do newer models have noise reduction? Compatible? Thx
  13. JJM IV

    SOLD - 2008 Morbark Hurricane 18 Wood Chipper $35,000 OBO

    Excellent condition machine still being used (1,279 hrs currently) on a daily basis. For sale because of unique opportunity to replace with an almost new machine. CAT diesel motor and auto-feed. Service during last 4 months at CAT and Morbark dealer include new clutch and flywheel, injectors...
  14. JJM IV

    Marlow ropes

    Where is best place to buy rope online?
  15. JJM IV

    Air Filter routine

    What is everyone's routine when it comes to blowing out and replacing air filters on chippers, chainsaws, trucks, stump grinder, Bobcat, mini, ... We have "Filter and Fluid Friday" every week and blow them all out. I just cleaned (using the kit) my pickup's cool air intake and already see...
  16. JJM IV

    Reduce Workers Comp

    Time to renew my workers comp. No incidents since I started three years ago in NC. I am looking for ways to reduce this huge expense. Any suggestions / recommendations that keep me legal but also creative is appreciated. Amerisafe was recommended via Jeff Chandler, South East Agency Group...
  17. JJM IV

    Bar adapter (compatible) Husky to Echo?

    Can I use Husqvarna (Husky) brand .058 gauge bar, on Echo MS 660? Doesn't appear to work, according to Bailey's. I see the Stihl bar to Husky saw adapter.
  18. JJM IV

    Stump Grinder getting hot

    The fix was a thorough cleaning of oil cooler (radiator looking) element. Topped off oil and hydraulic fluid while I was at it.