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  1. southsoundtree

    1000 cankers, black walnut

    Discuss! I need some research time. Looking for experiences, prognosis, etc. I have a monstrous Walnut to prune, again. A central leader broke off. Definitely some dead/ old cavity on the main trunk leaning toward homes. I see irregularities in the bark. Does wood become decayed, or is...
  2. southsoundtree

    3 saddles for sale

    MCRS size 1/ small Good condition ErgoLite size medium (too large for me. Plan to buy a EL small or maybe Tree Austria) good condition Glide Light ( my original saddle) fair condition, safe, more use than others. if anyone is interested PM. I can get pics and decide on prices. Possible trade...
  3. southsoundtree

    Anyone in the south Puget Sound?

    Anyone nearby, ground and/ or air?
  4. southsoundtree

    Company Day Rates for Customers-- thoughts

    I've got a number of customers who have a fair bit of work, and a fair bit of money, who might like to peck away at stuff. Other times, I have view-work that is very subjective, sometimes to the point of me shaking branches and asking if they want it removed, reduced, or left alone (open the...
  5. southsoundtree

    Drought-induced saltwater-intrusion

    Anyone know about this? We have a lot of shoreline on the Puget Sound in Olympia, and 4 years of drought.
  6. southsoundtree

    Electric log truck
  7. southsoundtree

    Climbing helmets for small, adult heads, with muffs and visor??

    My new guy has a small head. Kask is too big. Thoughts?
  8. southsoundtree

    Climber/ Climber trainee-ground worker

    Beautiful Olympia, WA!! Looking for someone as the season builds, and my employee is moving out of state soon. Owner/ Operator with one or two employees. 11th year in business. Barely card is always full. Year round work. Smarter over harder. Machines and brains over grunts...
  9. southsoundtree

    Stump grinder remote controls, anyone dislike?

    Anyone regret a stump grinder remote control? A friend has a 60 HP Vermeer. From my perspective, I'd rather stay far away from the grinder. Wonder if a live camera feed could work. Sit in your truck and operate in inclement weather!
  10. southsoundtree

    Stolen...truck and 103hp Rayco, Aberdeen,WA

    Got a call from the owner, reaching out locally. F250 and 15 Y.O. Grinder. Gone a week or so. Cops said they will likely hold on a bit, then reach out to tree companies. Heads up
  11. southsoundtree

    Solar Kiln ideas for slab/ lumber drying

    Anybody, @colb, have info about building a small scale solar kiln, primarily for lumber, and conceivably, in a very secondary way for firewood? Thanks.
  12. southsoundtree

    Employee longevity, pro's/ cons /recruitment

    I am currently about your typical employee longevity. What are your best employee attributes and biggest concerns/ problems? Best source of new employees?
  13. southsoundtree

    Seeking quality employees in Olympia, Wa.

    Looking for professionals. All manners of tree work. Pruning Preservation Dismantles Grinding Felling Pm for details.
  14. southsoundtree

    Treatment advice please...4-5' dbh doug-fir growing against concrete driveway

    Been doing a bunch of Root Crown Excavation and Stem-Girdling Root pruning lately. This dropped into my lap today. Property owner type of guy with waterfront, fancy car. This looks like a meeting facility, residence. I was looking at pruning some low walnut limbs at this place and saw the...
  15. southsoundtree

    Year round Work in Beautiful Olympia, WA. Hiring Climber and Ground crew.

    Big trees, small trees, medium trees, tiny trees, giant trees. Every day is different. Climbing, pruning, dismantling, felling, RCX SGR pruning, Support systems, preservation,  fruit tree pruning, etc. Boxer & BMG-ing APTA-ing Wraptor-ing Mill-ing GRCS-ing Craning Diagnosing Raking/...
  16. southsoundtree

    The "send a Registered Letter to the neighbor with the bad tree" concept

    We have heard this idea again and again. Anybody have any real backing, verbiage and/or experience with this playing out as the neighbor/ neighbor's HO insurance having responsibility when a tree falls on a customer's house? After a micro burst, there are two adjacent properties with tipped...
  17. southsoundtree

    New Hire interview questions, etc.

    What are good questions for screening employees, particularly rookie groundies/ experienced groundies/ experienced climbers? How do you suss out things like physical fitness and aptitudes? I was thinking of a past application is had for a prospective job that had self-ratings, 1-10, on...
  18. southsoundtree

    Ornamental ID help please.

    About 12-15 feet tall. Probably less than 10 years old.
  19. southsoundtree

    WTB smaller-sized chipper.

    Curious if anyone has a chipper to sell in the PNW. I'm thinking ideally a Brush Bandit or Morbark 8-12". Even consider a 6" with a wide-throat, possibly. I have tight access spots and a light machine means moving the machine to the brush more often, and chipping into the wood. $8-15k ball...
  20. southsoundtree

    Ground workers, apprentice/ PT Climber, Olympia WA

    Olympia is a great place to work on trees. Full time work, year round. Large trees, small trees, medium trees, monster trees. Big conifers and hardwoods alike, fruit tree orchards, Japanese maples. A different adventure all the time. Spurless pruning. Dismantles and large tree felling...