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  1. MikePowers321

    Compact Bulldog Bone

    I had been running my bulldog with quite a worn out spine for quite some time (pic 1). It started to slip worst and worst on my Yale 11.7 climbing line as time went by. Recently got a new spine from Gordon and it has worked great. Just like he said, I have noticed that the shape of the new...
  2. MikePowers321

    Hobbs device

    Good read. We certainly all stand on the shoulders of Giants.
  3. MikePowers321

    The New Treemotion

    Love my TM. On sixth year now. Just switched out hip to lower d webbing and back pad and its like a brand new saddle
  4. MikePowers321

    Clogger Zero Mark I

    Had no idea it was a mystery. Hope all is well my friend
  5. MikePowers321

    Hobbs device

    The process is underway. So this 2-1/4" socket is gonna get cut shorter so the original holes can also be used to crank away. Then, the socket is gonna get put on a lathe for a clean yet tight fit, drilled, and tapped to accept a 5/16" SS button head. Just a straight bore through aluminum...
  6. MikePowers321

    Clogger Zero Mark I

    Damn Steve! Are You using those electro-energy burning suction cups attached to your body while your Running your comfy cozy truck or what? Thats alot of new belt holes to make.
  7. MikePowers321


    Today was a gnarly, rotten, mushroom loving sugar maple removal with yucky inclusions. Bluestone patio underneath. Wish I had some good close up shots. Dicey Love working in the cooler weather :rock:
  8. MikePowers321

    Aluminum carabiner with steel D rings?

    what was the conclusion about microfracture?
  9. MikePowers321

    Tapered Hinge: Diar(y)rhea of a thread gone wrong and left un-moderated

    I haven't experimented too much with it myself, but have watched Jack (Hotsaws101) using this technique in various videos.
  10. MikePowers321


    To my surprise i won ‘Gamblin contest’ from treestuff, my last order was refunded back to me. Thanks treestuff! Happy thanksgiving to all. Much to be thankful for, even in this crazy world
  11. MikePowers321

    Need photo

    The potential title definately through me off, my mistake. I will try to snap a shot for you
  12. MikePowers321

    Need photo

    so you basically want a picture of someone carrying too much gear to make your point that less gear is needed?
  13. MikePowers321

    In tree GAS! --- I mean fuel you sickos!!!!

    So if the 2 hangers were already tied up, the foreman must Have been having quite the bad day to leave you hangin like that. No way I'd make a climber come down a 100 ft spar for a rope and fuel when you already have a climb line dangling below. But then again, i wasnt there so what do i know
  14. MikePowers321

    Hobbs device

    Would love some pictures of how you went about your mod
  15. MikePowers321

    Hobbs device

    If you can't keep the Hobbs in place with a kerf cut to slide that metal piece into, then just choke some thin line above it to hold her in place while you mess with the strap. Just like some of the other Stein Bollards Certainly be nice if it were spring loaded though
  16. MikePowers321

    2004 Isuzu FRR Switch n Go chip truck $18k Sold

    He left his number on the first page... 812-320-8107
  17. MikePowers321

    Sena comm systems

    I had problems with 2 sets of SMH-10R; in a row. Crazy static. Other people seem to love them. I Guess Revzilla got a bad batch. Recently switched over to the SMH-10, and I'm quite happy with them. This is my first true month with the communication devices and I feel like they are worth...
  18. MikePowers321

    Hobbs device

    Did you tap the steel socket as well? 1/4" screws?
  19. MikePowers321

    Wooden Hand Book

    Didn't know about this book, very cool...