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  1. CanaryBoss

    72’ tracked lift $60,000

    2017. Great condition. Custom built wireless remote driver. 1600 hours. Newer tracks. Needs nothing. Ready to work right now.
  2. CanaryBoss

    72’ tracked lift drive remote

    Anybody own A 72’ tracked lift that has had issues with the wire drive controller? My wire was constantly breaking internally and at $400 a piece, it gets costly. Not to mention the down time.
  3. CanaryBoss

    Custom truck for hauling tracked lift

    I built these trucks to be able to operate with all necessary tree equipment and personnel in one truck with no trailer. And only one driver needed! I kept having issues with having multiple solid drivers on a crew. I also kept having issues with trailers. It was just one more piece of...
  4. CanaryBoss

    2018 Isuzu chip dump

    $40,000. 2018 NPR XD. I paid $59,000 in early 2018. Still under warranty and has free oil changes for 3 more years. 16k miles. Brand new front tires. Comes with 2 spare tires. Needs nothing. Ready to work. Custom addition to body to keep chip spray down. 14’ dump. 22k gvwr. Diesel...
  5. CanaryBoss

    72’ tracked lift for sale.

    $60k. 2017. 1600 hours. Great condition. I will also have a 90’ Omni lift for sale very soon
  6. CanaryBoss

    E350 custom box truck for sale

    Can hold a mini, grinder, or bobcat. F650 springs. Weighted front bumper. Powerful v10. 240k miles. No issues. Can make the drive anywhere in the US. $4,000. Lockable mini box with shelves.
  7. CanaryBoss

    Looking for hurricane help

    I’m looking to bring on some more subs this year. Currently I need climbing crews Bucket crews Crane/grapple saw crews I DO NOT NEED ANY DEBRIS HAULING EQUIP. pm me and let me know what you have.
  8. CanaryBoss

    Using trunk to make table tops

    Cut down this big guy two days ago. We need s new kitchen table a I really want to make a live edge table top out of it. Have you done this before? I can read online how to do it easily but want to hear from y’all. How thick should it be? Should I cut it now or wait some time? Also, is there...
  9. CanaryBoss

    Guess what I’m building?

    I’ll post them as we go. What do you think we are doing?
  10. CanaryBoss

    Anyone from Louisiana?

    So I see there is a storm rolling your way. PM me please.
  11. CanaryBoss

    There may be a storm brewing

    Looks like we may have one coming to the gulf. Not sure where from there-if anywhere. We are considering taking on more help to run the storm. If you have always wanted to travel to a storm, hit me up. If you have done it before and realize it absolutely sucks without the infrastructure, hit me...
  12. CanaryBoss

    Canary is hiring!

    Need I say more? Experienced climber with Cdl start at $35 an hour. We work 4 days a week and have benefits, Not to mention all the equipment you could want. Who wants to come drive a fire truck? We are also hiring for ground positions.
  13. CanaryBoss

    I think we broke it

    Yup its broken
  14. CanaryBoss

    ISO Grapple chipper

    I need one. I have trades or can buy it. Let me know if you have one or know of one please. Also need a huge chip truck, or a double axle frame so I can build one. If you know of an extremely large towable chipper let me know. I can build the grapple onto it if I need to
  15. CanaryBoss

    Holly freaking crap!

    Just got the call for this tree. Guess it’s was cut by some landscaper who guessed the lean wrong. Now it’s leaning over the house held by a small tree and ratchet straps. The landscaper bailed. Just left the site Like that.
  16. CanaryBoss

    Is anybody dumb enough to buy a tree service?

    A buddy of mine was talking to me yesterday about this “national” tree service he is helping to plant in a city and he was saying to me that in a year or so they would probably just buy out a big tree service in that city. Anybody know a big tree service that has sold for what the seller...
  17. CanaryBoss

    Knuckleboom/crane Roll Call

    I’m needing to get an idea of who is wanting to roll with us this year. We provide; food, water, housing, fuel, workload, logistical support and mechanical services. We just need you to show up with your truck. It’s proffered that guys have a skid or mini to stage debris at the curb for...
  18. CanaryBoss

    Leasing my stump grinder

    Been thinking about finding an operator that wants to take possession of my grinder. Was thinking they could just grind my stumps as payment and use the machine to make their own money with. They would be responsible for maintenance and teeth. I have 1 to 5 stumps 4 days a week to grind
  19. CanaryBoss

    Fire Truck, 72’ lift, and mini for sale.

    All in one package for sale. Built this rig about a year and a half ago. I’m considering selling it. the full setup is going to be in the 180k range. Serious inquires only. Everything is operational and the truck can make the drive anywhere in the country. Truck has about 31k original miles on it.
  20. CanaryBoss

    Taking on owner operators

    We are considering taking on owner operators. We have workload that we are not interested in. We want to focus primarily on larger jobs and some niches we prefer. That leaves us with a lot of small and medium sized trim jobs that we can either sell to other companies or preferably take on...