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  1. JesseHuffman

    2 year old GRCS finally gets used

  2. JesseHuffman

    A day in the Life AZ Style

    Eat your heart out Regs Just an average day. Palms, Eucs , and all you can eat salad.
  3. JesseHuffman

    Chipper Stumper part 2 all done
  4. JesseHuffman

    SMALL acacia removal Little vid showcasing my new swiss army knife chipper/stumper combo
  5. JesseHuffman

    Chipper Stump Grinder combo I like it. And it gave me something to do
  6. JesseHuffman

    new 252 newish
  7. JesseHuffman

    Pine removal 4/29/13
  8. JesseHuffman

    Thermal stole my bidsheet Typical
  9. JesseHuffman

    Frost damaged Ficus
  10. JesseHuffman

    Little Acacia Removal Did a Ficus removal in the Frontyard after this. Im wiped!
  11. JesseHuffman

    Loading 1 log

    This is the best video I have ever made
  12. JesseHuffman

    Another Crane removal in Arizona
  13. JesseHuffman

    We Lost Super Sal

    I am so very sad to report that Sal Hernandez is no longer with us on this Earth. He was a leader and a voice for safe work practices. He taught me how to trim a bearded palm tree and live to talk about it. There are NO words that can describe the pain in my heart today. Im sorry for those of...
  14. JesseHuffman

    No mini no problem Me and this dude get done. Just us. No minis. You guys are so weak with your stupid toys. lol @ all y'all nice....TD
  15. JesseHuffman

    I dont like dead cottonwoods. Im sorry if I did this wrong. Im sorry I kinda made fun of Daniel, I only did it because he called me a BoyScout one time...a long time ago, we are even. I dont think this work is good. Im sorry I talked too much at the end about stuff I shouldnt. Im sorry I was...
  16. JesseHuffman

    We are Pirates

    For those of you that missed last nights revolution and complete take over of a dangerous hack tree services FB page, I am so sorry. You missed history in the making. Id like to think that the buzzers who were left out would have been proud, minus the defecation on the kitchen counter. That was...
  17. JesseHuffman

    Rigging into the truck
  18. JesseHuffman

    Another Cat Rescue. This one got a little buggy on me. I piddled a little
  19. JesseHuffman

    Ficus Removal 2013 This was my helpers 1st job ever using a LD of any kind. I am so proud of him. Special message from Easy P at the end!
  20. JesseHuffman

    Raising Peace with a Rope Wrench