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    WCB slideshows

    had this link emailed to me today regarding a chipper death in our area. not gory or anything but perhaps informative to some. I couldnt link directly to it as its a java popup window but its the second slideshow on the page.
  2. J

    Homeowner fall

    Talked to a client of mine today, they saw me working nearby and came over to say hello. Then proceeded to say " you know what? My neighbor and his friend were trying to prune a couple of branches off their little tree in the front yard last week, the ladder was leaned against a branch and...
  3. J

    ISA PNW Chapter TCC

    Saturday, Sept. 24/05 in Beacon hill park, Victoria BC.
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    looking for some assistance

    I went to bid a job for tre protection fencing today and this tree was labelled on the arborist report (third party report) as a Linden (Tilia) which it is not. I am leaning to a crabapple (Malus) anyone have any thoughts? pretty large leaves is why I am on the fence about its id.
  5. J

    treebuzz gets a snippet in the ISA PNW newsletter

    page 8, "climbing tip, check out - its a great site for techniques, safety and equipment." well done Tom and Mark (and all contributing members of course), keep up the great site.
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    can't figure this one out

    can\'t figure this one out I know that I learned this one once, something about the bud cluster at the branch tip being the id trigger but I just cant remember what the heck this is. anyone help me out here?
  7. J

    ok, it finally happened (broke a saw)

    I was pruning a 60 year old apple yesterday and I was using my Silky Gomtaro on a stick (just a 6 foot pole saw). removing a 2.5 inch upright sprout. I was sawing happily until I heard the suprisingly quick " "Twang!" yup, I guess the tip got pinched and she popped like a new years champagne...
  8. J

    Vancouver BC show today and tomorrow. I am heading out the door in a few minutes to go check it out.
  9. J

    some ice is a fallen

    Had some freezing rain fall overnight here, prolly not a huge deal to an East coast ice storm but its news for us. I had a good day, I was standing in a 10 acre back yard, listening to the rain fall a bit with a hissing sound and the crackling and groaning of the trees that were breakin and...
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    IIHF World Junior Hockey

    So anyone watching this anihilation of the competition during the round robin? today was 8-1 Canada over the Fins. Cant wait for the medal rounds....
  11. J

    three at once

    expert round....
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    is this as easy as it should be?

    perhaps for southerners this is easy, us northern folk might not get it right away,
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    Oct 19-04 part deux

    even easier than Mark's
  14. J

    Oct 19-04

    one from my neck of the woods
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    Gypo, what is it?

    link for sketch of Gypo logger - scroll to bottom of screen : see here for a translation of the word ;gypo : and for a synosis, this is the information found at ...