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  1. Pfanner man

    gear that's been gathering dust SOLD

  2. Pfanner man

    Pfanner Zermatts GTX chainsaw boots

    size 11.5 US (45 Euro). worn 3 times. bought them to try something different from my loggers but it turns out i'm just too used to loggers. got a few scuffs on the outside, brand new on the inside. $200 + shipping.
  3. Pfanner man

    CEU's for the Schultz Effect!

    Watch the entire Schultz Effect, go to then take this quiz. E-mail your answers to along with your full name and ISA certification number and i will submit it to the ISA. If you pass the test you will receive 1.5 CEU's. You must e-mail me from the e-mail...
  4. Pfanner man

    Pfanner Man rides on

    a bit more of an artsy video featuring a track from "All Them Witches". great band, if you ever have a chance to see them live do it. the drummer is a tree man :cool:
  5. Pfanner man

    Safebloc boys

  6. Pfanner man

    Pfanner Man: have saw, will travel

    if you haven't already seen this, here it is for your entertainment...and if you have some work i have saw & will travel :D
  7. Pfanner man

    Pfanner Man is back

    heard others were posting this kind of stuff, well i suppose since i'm on here now it's my chore ;)
  8. Pfanner man

    Pfanner man is here

    i've been told it's high time i made an appearance on here so here i am :musculoso: hahaha, and i'm cracking myself up with the weird emojis on here :D anyways, i'm still getting the hang of it. questions, comments, etc, etc, hit me up & i'll figure it out from there :boxeador: