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  1. Jesse

    2017 TCC List / Dates

    Why no OH comp this year?
  2. Jesse

    Kentucky Tree Climbing Comp 2017

    It's working for me. Click the blue Here.
  3. Jesse

    Kentucky Tree Climbing Comp 2017

    Here is a link to a video of a skate contest at Woodland Park. Just to give any of you with a board an idea of what you have to work with.
  4. Jesse

    Kentucky Tree Climbing Comp 2017

    Yes, Friday is setup. Thanks Greg! I assume you would like to be on work climb?
  5. Jesse

    Kentucky Tree Climbing Comp 2017

    Kentucky Tree Climbing Competition October 13 & 14-2017 Woodland Park 601 E. Highs St. Lexington, KY 40502...
  6. Jesse

    Poison Ivy Protocol

    I have always just attacked the stuff and washed off the best I could afterwards. I think I just have a low sensitivity to it. We did a removal a couple days ago with a big PI vine on it. Today we have one guy at the Dr. and two other who may end up going. What is the best product out there...
  7. Jesse

    SRT Rope

    I would get a dedicated SRT rope and use the imori for DDRT. I have used Tchyon for SRT and it was not bad (if you have to have something that is OK for both). I have been using Sterling HTP and have liked it a lot. Just ordered some Kernmaster for myself, never tried it just going on other...
  8. Jesse

    #1 Reason for ArborTrolley!

    It is the next best thing to a mini skid.
  9. Jesse

    ISC D4

    What is SPRAT work?
  10. Jesse

    Basic winching system

    Very cool
  11. Jesse

    Srt or drt palm trees

    When I worked for Bartlett in CA we either used a bucket or spiked them. Always felt wrong but that is what the boss man said I had to do. Always told myself "they are not really trees anyway" I would probably use a Rope Wrench or Tree Logic's method if you want ddrt.
  12. Jesse

    TreeStuff Grand Opening!

    Looking forward to it.
  13. Jesse

    ITCC Volunteer

    KY is pretty cheap at $30.00 a year.
  14. Jesse

    TreeStuff Grand Opening!

    So there are 5 CTSP ceu's for attending this? If so that is awesome! I am way behind on those. I'll be there either way.
  15. Jesse

    Hiring Climber/Crew Leader Lexington, KY

    We are still looking.
  16. Jesse

    Hiring Climber/Crew Leader Lexington, KY

    Town Branch Tree Experts Inc. is seeking experienced arborists to join our team. We are a small locally owned business committed to providing the highest level of service. We provide residential and commercial tree services with a strong emphasis on tree preservation. We are currently accepting...
  17. Jesse

    Brush Bandit-1290XP=Bad Engine

    Turns out the damage was not as bad as originally thought. Should be up and running this week. Since I already bought a new chipper looks like I'm in the market for a second chip truck now.
  18. Jesse

    Kentucky TCC 2013 October 18,19

    I am fairly certain that there will be no SRTWP allowed even for out of state competitors. We got in trouble with the ISA last year.
  19. Jesse

    Brush Bandit-1290XP=Bad Engine

    Here is a picture:
  20. Jesse

    Brush Bandit-1290XP=Bad Engine

    Should be getting it back from the mechanic today. Pics to follow.