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    Micro-drill device

    I am selling my IML Resi F300. This is a wax paper readout with about 200 papers included. Drill is a DeWalt 18V, you will likely need to replace the two batteries Two batteries and charger Two extra drill bits In Case $1000 and it is yours.
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    Accident Prevention

    At least twice in the past few months we have heard of tree workers being killed by stuck-bys. In the most recent case Tom Dunlop's friend was killed in Ashland when a tree was felled into him while he was working on a different tree. It may be perfectly safe to fell a tree with proper...
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    Finally some respect for bugs

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    Wondering what to do with brush?
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    Tree Risk Management @ KEW Article

    There is a very interesting article in the 2015 Yearbook of the International Dendrology Society concerning tree risk management. IDS is an organization that brings together dendrologists (their term not mine) from all over the world to promote the study of woody plants and shrubs and to...
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    Fascinating Article on Tree Loss Related to Animal Extinction

    Attached is an article concerning the loss of large bodied animals in Madagascar and the relationship to loss of seed dispersal (and processing) that may lead to tree extinction. There are a couple of fascinating...
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    Look Ma, NO ....

    Word is starting to come in about a serious workplace injury in the Quinte region Thursday. Details are few, however Quinte News has learned emergency crews were called to a Picton area business, where a worker was injured in a wood chipper. Unconfirmed reports say the mans hand was cut off...
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    Creatures in Buenos Aires

    Some creatures on an Albizia outside of Siga de al Vaca in Buenos Aires. Known to cause damage to tips of new growth.
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    More non-native invasive ecology
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    A new book

    Biodiversity in Dead Wood Series: Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation Jogeir N Stokland, Juha Siitonen and Bengt Gunnar Jonsson 509 pages, 92 b/w photos, illustrations and maps; 21 tables Cambridge University Press
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    Excellent Response

    Erk Brudi has an excellent letter in the October issue of TCI magazine, in response to Dennis Ryan's pathetic cabling article in the July issue. As he explains cross-sectional area is important, not included bark, in the breaking of bifurcated trees. Please read this letter, it is the first...
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    Tremex wasp damage

    Can somebody describe the pattern of holes created by Tremex wasps and how they differ in appearance from damage done by sapsuckers?
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    First One

    Underside of leaf. I have never seen this tree in Canada before. That might help as a clue.
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    Its coming

    Okay start your studying, I took some photos and will be doing some resizing to create a number of quizzes. Prepare for esotaric challenges and tricks. The photos I will be posting were taken at cemetaries in Toronto, Canada. I was actually told I could not photograph the trees, but hey...
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    Air Spade Dimensions

    The idea is to spend $1860 Canadian for an Airspade 2000 or less than a hundred to build the el cheapo equivilant. Well guess which wins? Since I am going to build something similar I would like to know what is the inside diameter of the exit nozzle on the homebuilt models out there. I intend...
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    Can somebody help with an article or website that provides Id for the (12) species of catalpas. I have found a tree which is not a Northern Catalpa, the common species here, but I am not sure it is a Southern. The leaves are smaller, fruit straight and thin (6-8mm diameter), and the tree...
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    Trees of Southern Africa

    Well I just ordered the above book. Over 1000 pages of exciting reading prior to heading to South Africa and Namibia this winter. It is amazing what the internet allows us to find and get our greedy little hands on
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    Niwaki - New Book

    Just picked up the book Niwaki: Pruning, Training and Shaping Trees the Japanese Way, by Jake Hobson, ISBN-13 978-0-88192-835-8, US$34.95 Title pretty much summerizes the book. I will add it is a typical photo rich Timber Press book and is both stunning and interesting on first glance.
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    Have we lost our way?

    When I read definitions of Arboriculture and Arborist it is always stated about the care and cultivation of trees. I wonder if as an industry (not individuals) if we have become far too concerned with removals and pruning as opposed to "caring" for trees. In my area arborists and tree services...
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    Easy Beach Tree

    Anybody who has been to a tropical beach resort should know this tree. Even by outline it is easy. Taken at Casa Kiwi, Trujillo, Honduras