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    Davey Tree Worker Killed last week

    srry yall i acdiently hit the wrong button
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    Davey Tree Worker Killed last week

    <br><a href="" target="_blank" title="MySpace Comments - Funny"><img src="" border="0" alt="MySpace Comments - Funny"></a><br><a...
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    Central Florida Job opp

    Hi there my names A.J. I graduated acrt in southern Ill back in 2004 and am currently enlisted in the US Army reserves and am lookin for full time employment if you want to know what im bring to the table then send me a pm
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    Tree Climber - Arborist Wanted

    I'm Alan and I'm a graduate of ACRT in southern Illinois i completed my training back in 2005 and have been working in the feild since that time, in that time I joined the Army national guard and have every intention to continue my trining in the urban forestry field, the company i work for has...
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    Female Completor of ACRT Job Corps Program

    and my other email adress is long name not so amazing results
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    NJ Help Needed. Year round work, housing

    The company sounds really interesting to me, it's somethig that i might consider a possibility my only concern is if it will be a problem for me to be in the army reserves and still work for you.
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    Tri state area companies

    what state?
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    Climber Wanted

    Hi there, the position sounds intersetng but the problem is I live in Illinios, my names Alan I am a graduate of ACRT there are a few questions I woud like to ask if you could please send me your email adress then perhaps maybe we can continue this at a later date, my email adress is...
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    Female Completor of ACRT Job Corps Program

    Hi there, my names Alan (aj) i graduated from acrt in golconda it feels great to finally meet someone from my same school, from my own personel expirence the best way to meet up with companies and get your name in the door is to compete in competitions, my first year out of training I took...
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    Chicago Park District - District Forester

    I live in Kankakee and just recently graduated ACRT of Southern Illinios and am looking for job in the tree care business, i have a resume ready
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    what if spiderman was an arborist

    i think that would be awsome Aerial rescue wouldn't be a problem for him
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    Crane Operator Killed By Tree

    i think i remember my instructor telling me about this incodent or one like it
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    chain break (not brake) danger

    thats why i like to keep my butt no closer then twelve ft from a running chainsaw
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    Bucket operator hurt

    Hey Mark now were all a student of his stupidity
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    enough already!

    he should have hired a professional to do this job instead of try to do the job himself and now look at what happend.maybe you should have the local paper start emphasizing just how dangerous this type of work is and that only properly trained personell should attept this
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    what if spiderman was an arborist

    Me and some friends had a conversation the other day about what the world of arboriculture would be like if spiderman was an arborist, I just wanted to know what you all would think about that
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    Arbor-X needs one or two new workers in Bel Air,MD

    My e-mail adress is
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    employment - experienced tree climber wanted

    is your company year round work
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    sending out the feelers

    is your company year round