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    Climbing in the West

    in october? caa does a rec climb at an rv park accross from confusion hill in leggett ca. us climbing team and all show up. we have been known to pull a ninja climb here and there, insurance papers are the biggest issue. heck, i have a park in fortuna ca with some 150 ft reds are those big...
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    Are there any ctw;s in Humboldt County Ca

    be at $21.00 an hour within 2 yrs
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    Death in SW Wisconsin

    HEY ROOKIE feel free to come up here and be humbled, i pull trees over with a 5/8 cable pulled by a prentice loader frequently, i'll take it over a hAnd line any day
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    Never again will I work for Company X

    wow, you know this is why i work for myself with a few very talented people. i take only enough work to get by. i put up with that bs for years, im over that stuff. i dont think comp is gonna cover the amount of therapy i might need if i watched a co workers body explode, due to stupidity. stay...
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    Are there any ctw;s in Humboldt County Ca

    ok so the pay starts at $18.00 an hour.
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    Are there any ctw;s in Humboldt County Ca

    We are looking for an ISA Certified Tree Worker. Experience is a must, must appreciate long days and be able to endure rain, and steep terrain. The season slows from jan till june or july. We make just enough for everyone to pay their bills in those months but are looking for applicants for...
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    Climbing Redwoods. Can anyone help?

    Redwood River Lodge accross from Confusion Hill in Leggett Ca...the caa climbs there in october,this is in northern mendocino about 20 minutes outside of humboldt. bring ins certs just in case. private lands are sometimes available or sometimes a ninja climb is the most exciting.
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    B-day Kathy H

    Happy B Day Kathy!!!
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    Hiring climbers in Tulsa - Ice storm recovery

    we sub climbers at a crew rental rate.
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    Climbers, groundmen, and formen needed in North CA

    we can sub big jobs for ya were slow in winter, have 4 to 6 man crew avail
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    Another chipper death

    wow i used to work round there i wonder what company it was , orange county was it a contractor or in house maint.
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    homeowner springpole injury

    had that happen to an employee once, painfull although he lost 7 teeth, less stitches, take care, i dont agree with the not picking up a saw again, its just a fresh new perspective on cutting wood, take your time and get with it as your comfy.
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    how it's done out west.

    Re: how it\'s done out west. hey speelyi good writing, looks like round my parts, (Humboldt) our economy sucks now the mills are gone and bankrupt its not even worth taking a fir to the mill theses days. im clearing lots right now for houses not anything more than a paycheck, maybe i can keep...
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    [ QUOTE ] photoshop someone elses policy.. [/ QUOTE ] BAD BAD IDEA....SEE YOU IN JAIL SOON
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    Liquidambar critters

    xylella...has been destroying la's in newport beach also.
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    Bucket truck for sale

    is she still available?
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    Wasp attack to "Am I evil" Metallica

    Re: Wasp attack to \"Am I evil\" Metallica i noticed the pickup and trailer was it a 1 man show day i used to scab palms neighborhod by neighborhood with a truck and trailer, tope pull off for the debris. i hate that people are doing palms for 25 to 40 a piece i remember when it was 45 a...
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    chipper situation?

    i got a 250 bandit with a 116 hp cummings for 6 grand cash, ugly but sound.
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    chipper situation?

    buy a 5 thousand dollar self feeder or a cheap whisper chipper...well worth it the a pos truck and some side boards under a thousand run thta stuff into the ground and get a better truck later.