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    Are there any ctw;s in Humboldt County Ca

    We are looking for an ISA Certified Tree Worker. Experience is a must, must appreciate long days and be able to endure rain, and steep terrain. The season slows from jan till june or july. We make just enough for everyone to pay their bills in those months but are looking for applicants for...
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    ever seen redwoods foliage brown out on the tips of the needles, giving it a redish appearance, new tips are green but lack vigor,one client said her tree was frozen, but i havent ever seen or heard of it before.
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    tree ordinances

    has anyone helped create tree ordinances regulating acceptable pruning standards? possibly with all tree out fits operating in city limits registering with the city to ensure liscencing and insurance? i had to do something similar in evansville indiana, you had to do a couple hour class with...
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    legality of 3 nuckle climing knot

    is it legal for climbers in ca to use the 3 nuckle (suicide) knot as a climbing hitch....? i know it's a bad idea but i can only enforce the law here. not unless its breaking the law can i make immediate changes.
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    military style outdoor training poles

    has anyone ever constructed a piece of training equipment out of timbers or telephone poles? i'm thinking like some of the stuff i used to train on in the army. my thought is a 30'0 pole with belay set up. with the plastic handholds that you bolt onto rock climbing walls on it. for strength and...
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    Price guide for used boom trucks

    where would you find out the prices for selling used equipment, is there a book similar to "kelley blue book" for tree care equip? i figured if a new boom is $1000.00 a foot A used certified boom should be $500 a foot, is that right? that would put my 50' altec flatbed at $25,000. and my 60'...
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    flatbed booms in cali

    we are gonna have 2 i believe 65' teco's and a 50' altec all rear mount flatbeds coming up for sale soon, 1990 ish chasis, the altec was recently certified i will get more info if anybody is interested.
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    knot to use on bee line?

    What knot works best on the bee line, Diestel, Schwabish, or Klemheist? i bought a 34 " length to try out and in the showroom demo area it looks cool, but later at night in the park it was a bit difficult to work, and trying to figure out where to set the tending pulley under the knot, or under...
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    real saw use=tazer

    I live in a cruddy apt complex with a slumlord for an owner. the issue was an old rickety tower and slide, play house with three large holes where there used to be monkey bars and a pole to slide down. all of us tennants with children have asked for it to be replaced and apperently they have...
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    how to become a consultin arborist

    any suggestions on how one becomes a consultin arborist ive done the tree work, sold the work, supervised the work for fifteen years now. i feel excitement in diagnosis and root crown excavations. really getting into individul trees is exciting at this point in my career and i wonder what path...
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    trees and development book

    new in plastic,same cost from isa but ill ship it to ya for absolutely free. i got it overnight and found mine in the bookshelf with the kids books
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    To do or not to do

    OK so I owned "That Tree Guy". I moved and rerouted all the incoming business calls to a local tree service. I have currently moved back where I originally owned my business with no serious thoughts of starting again, now that I am back I have noticed this guy isnt taking my business seriously...
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    does anyone charge to be on stand by for court

    i cant give out any info yet, but must wait by the phone for a day or two to go to a trial on a property line case. i have been paid for a report a deposition and will be paid for my time during testimony. i just feel i am losing $ on what is supposed to be dry days between storms. i feel like...
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    need slack in the line

    A buddy of mine was pulling an old fir down with his prentice loader last week. The tree was down in a hole and was hard to see. Well when it came down there wasn't enough slack in the winch line, when the tree hit the ground it tore the booms off at their point of attachment. The boom twisted...
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    buckingham pole gaffs

    buckingham pole gaffs, synthetic pads and straps...need lower ring for strap on 1 gaff..good shape. extra spurs and pins to hold 'em .$100. obo qty. 2. 8' or 12' (i gotta look) rope lanyards, 1 with rope prusick (used 1 season) $40., 1 with ascender(both new)$60. Lifting tongs from crane...
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    old growth clearcutting

    some pics available at we save ..scroll down to nanning creek treesit...15' accross 45' around huge treessome hippy stuff but cool trees....enjoy...oh and im in the woods so i cant talk back for awhile.
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    anyone in wichita ks?

    need to repo my chipper for lack of payments. anyone know of jerry's tree wichita...their lead climber adam has a new business he calls doc donalds tree srvc. and i need to find where they are near so i can have the chipper repo'd..the adress i have is not their would be...
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    lifting tongs for sale

    bought from baileys used several times. they are rated for lifting.. in the new catalog they are listed for $175....i will sell for $100 PLUS SHIPPING.i used them for lifting logs with a rental yard crane and they work good for odd ball chunks. if you look in the catalog they are the orange ones.
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    fert suggestions needed for oak

    My family has a place in Henderson Nevada, recently built. The trees in question are cork oaks. They were planted in 36" boxes, and have been in the ground about 18 months. The soil is so is like base rock..the holes were dug via jackhammer.Soon after planting a severe windstorm came...