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  1. nyclimber

    Woman-owned tree company looking to hire enthusiastic and hard workers

    Please check out my new job posting in Tree Buzz Jobs PT Tree Climber Wanted in Salem, MA
  2. nyclimber

    PT Tree Climber Wanted in Salem, MA

    Spruced Up is a Woman-Owned business dedicated to providing clients with excellent and thoughtful tree and shrub care. We care about providing a work environment for tree professionals that is diverse, cooperative and friendly. Spruced Up Tree & Shrub is looking for an experienced...
  3. nyclimber

    Used New Tribe Onyx Saddle for Sale $200

    Well cared for saddle, plenty of life left, just needs to be cleaned and ready for new owner. All stitching, webbing, and buckles in good condition. Size 1, 26"-37" Waist. Includes velcro leg pads. Manufactured in 2014. Asking $200 + shipping
  4. nyclimber

    Rubber Banding Tool/Elastrator/Blue Band-it + Bands

    Bought from Sherrill years back and used one time to put a band on an eye splice on a rope. It came with 50 bands so there are about 48-49 left in the bag. The tool has a few scratches but is basically new. The black rubber bands have an overall diameter of 5/8" and are an width of 1/2". from...
  5. nyclimber

    Rope Cabling for Static Use

    When using either Cobra or Wesspur's Tree Guard in a static application, do you typically go up a t size (in rope) for the strength requirements based on the diameter chart? For example, on a 12" stem that you are installing a slack cable in for dynamic, you would use a 2t setup, BUT if...
  6. nyclimber

    Sherrill 2 in 1 Wire Core Lanyard- Like New

    Aluminum Snaps, used once perhaps, just like new. $50 + Shipping. Will ship once I receive $. Thanks for looking-
  7. nyclimber

    AR training dummy substitute

    I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion as for an easy substitute for Aerial Rescue practice that doesn't involve buying $600 dummy? I like the idea of making one out of overalls but I was curious what other climbers might have used successfully as a substitute...
  8. nyclimber

    Is it Industry Standard to call Dig Safe before stump grinding?

    Or is it state to state? Is it dependent on the size of the stump or depth, etc? I know a lot of tree companies don't call before hand but this seems strange to me...any thoughts/ideas? Thanks a lot!
  9. nyclimber

    Rigging "shortcut"?

    Rigging \"shortcut\"? Any thoughts on using a carabiner attached to the tip of a rigging rope (with fixed bowline) and snapped onto itself plus half hitched as opposed to tied rope <u>only</u> using a traditional running bowline and half hitch for lowering large pieces on the main stem (through...
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    tree climbers garage sale/miscellaneous *DELETED*

    Post deleted by nyclimber
  11. nyclimber

    split tail length vs. skinny rope

    Does anyone else find that the standard lengths for eye to eye split tails (30", 28") doesn't wrap a tidy hitch on smaller diameter lines? I used a 28" on my 11.5mm rope to tie a Distel hitch and theres a lot of slack and the split tail eye rides down the carabiner, there is no slack if I just...
  12. nyclimber

    How do YOU carry the pole saw with you?

    We use these lanyards: but anyway you slice it, carrying around a several poles while moving around in the tree becomes a pain whether its getting pressed between two opposing branches or the dangling blade is...
  13. nyclimber

    Secured Footlock Practice

    What is the best way to practice the traditional secured footlock? I find it extremely difficult compared to doubled ascenders, but I want to keep at it. Also, what cord would be best suited to grabbing doubled Poison Ivy?
  14. nyclimber

    FREE clear visor for KASK helmet

    Includes screws. Very little wear. You pay for shipping- roughly $5. Let me know if interested.
  15. nyclimber

    12-Volt Portable Chainsaw Sharpener

    Just listed on ebay...all details there