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    Burnout, sell or hire Gm?

    Has anyone here ever reached a point where you're just done and feel like it might be best to exit in some fashion? Im there and I'm toying with the idea of either selling the biz or hiring a GM to run it for me. We're do about 2m a year with 18-20 employees. Both options pose challenges, risks...
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    Social media and web management needed

    I’m in need of someone who is knowledgeable in the tree industry as well as marketing to create and manage our online presence. Any suggestions?
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    Grapple/hooklift build

    Looking at building a hooklift truck and a loader skid like this. Going 3-4 axle 4-500hp. 13,15 or 18spd. Dual interlock. Would like a cabover but those things are scarce. Actually looking at some mid 80s Pete 362 day cabs for 5-7grand and totally overhauling. Truck will pull trailers of...
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    2016+ f750 and copma owners. Get in here.

    Thinking of having timberland build me a truck and would like to hear some feedback from copma owners as to the reliability of their machines so far. I would rather go with palfinger for service reasons but the price disparity is huge. I would also like to hear about the ford chassis that are...
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    Used 2015 vermeer 725tx mini BMG

    SOLD educational!!!
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    cytokinin production

    Would it be accurate to say that the harder you cut a tree (specifically elm,willow and cottonwood ) the more it produces cytokinin and therefore increases growth rate of new growth? Context. Some of my work is for a utility which at one time embraced directional pruning practices. Now they are...
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    WTB- 2008-2013 terex xt60/70 on any chassis

    I am willing to travel anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Must be low hr and very clean.
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    2015 vermeer 725 mini skid w/BMG

    Selling our near new 725 diesel . Less than 50hrs. still under warranty. Near new condition. We just don't use it enough to justify it and I need to raise funds for an elevator. Has BMG grapple that is still a bit tight. Asking $24,500
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    Eastern Oregon opportunity

    Looking for an individual experienced in all aspects of tree work. Must have Bucket truck and heavy equipment experience. Must be capable of leading a crew. Must have a good sense of humor and work well with others. Must have professional references. We are a drug free outfit and we will test...
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    New xt60

    Welp, bit the bullet and went with a new xt60 rear mount on a Ford cummins isb. Anybody running a ford chasis? Went that route for two reasons. The first and most important was it was available. Second, The ford dealership is the only dealership for 130 miles in any direction. I would have...
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    No dead tree climbing policy

    Is it common to see companies with a policy of not allowing climbing of dead tree's? I was looking at a job with a friend who has worked for one line clearing company his entire career and he was going on about how this dead fir tree will have to be pulled over onto the road and flaggers blah...
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    GA. Dealer Reputation check

    Any of you buzzer's dealt with JD auto Source out of Hoschton GA. Says he is a resaler for a big R.O.W. company around there. Has a couple units I'm interested in.......sort of.
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    WTB Clean rear mount bucket

    Looking to upgrade a bit. Been running a 2000 frieghtliner altec 855 flatbed for the last 6 years. Looking for a rear mount Altec LRV or terex xt 75' WH with a recent inspection to include dielectric. NOW LOOKING FOR AN ELEVATOR Have cash. Will travel Thanks