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    Inonotus dryadeus?

    Got a call to look at this tree today. My thought is "weeping conk" but I want to get a second opinion from you guys. Going to bring a colleague in for a level 3 TRA. Client wants to keep the asset I I want him to as well. Articles on the Web make Inonotus dryadeus a sure thing root rot failure...
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    Arbor Systems Wedgle Direct-Inject

    I have an Arbor Systems Wedgle-Direct injection system I would like to sell. Comes with some chemicals to get you going. Good start to any PHC program. Price new with chemicals $850. Used one year Selling price is $600 obo which includes shipping to the lower 48.
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    Tree-Age vs. Arbor Mectin

    I started this year off with a half bottle of Tree-Age from last year for EAB. First Ash injection was slowww. I mean all day slow. I ordered two cases of Arbor Mectin from Rotam. I could not believe how much faster the uptake was. We'll those two cases are used up so I went and picked up 1...
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    Herbicide in your spray rig?

    First time post. Awesome sight! I've spent a ton of time reading here and now I have a question. I am putting a PHC proposal together for an estate. It is a large proposal and covers a lot of different work. The customer is looking for a arborist that can offer the total package, from GTC to PHC...