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    Making your own chains

    Heres the fact: If you are an owner operator making the chains than yes its worthwhile. If your paying someone to make them I think the savings are minimal. We buy our chains from place called (I believe). Check them out, buy multiple at once and look at what the actual cost is...
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    Rayco rg50

    I have to agree here. After bobcat took over bandit they have gone down hill. My experience has been very similar in the last year ruining a good relationship of about 15 years. Unfortunate to say the least.....
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    Answering service

    I can sympathize. Most clients want to talk with the owner, like we have some secret powers that no one else in the company has lol. I guess what Im after more though is new leads. Ive noticed over the years that quite a few people aren't comfortable or just don't want to leave voicemails...
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    Answering service

    How much info can you give them and how do they usually do relaying that info? Who are you using? I keep hearing about "Ruby" ???
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    Avant loaders

    Whats the rough cost on one of these loaders?
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    Answering service

    Just curious how many smaller companies use one? We are not quite ready for an office person yet but I feel like we are missing leads from potential clients who call and get voicemail. Seems to me for the cost if you get one additional job per month its worthwhile... Thoughts?
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    Rigging Gear. Not piecing out

    Ill take the lot for $500- shipped? Feel free to call or text and I can set up payment Jason 413-210-9969
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    Charging interest on late payments

    Working for larger contractors 30 days usually is not feasible. Especially on projects we are sub contracted to the state or other agencies that may be slow to pay. Home owners we expect in 30 days or under but even though our contract states 30 days, we won't charge a fee to bigger...
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    DOT violation

    If its a citation than just contest it and they will drop it in court. As the states get more and more hungry for revenue they are starting to pick apart every detail. Here they have been getting extremely hard on farmers moving bulk produce as well as, haylage and corn silage which has never...
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    Foreman/ crane operator western ma

    Northeast Tree Care and Landscaping located in Sunderland MA is growing and we want you to be a part of it! Northeast Tree Care and Landscaping is looking for a skilled foreman who has experience operating a crane in a tree care related setting. We are looking for the right individual who...
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    Has anybody used Home Advisor?

    We just tried HA. Don't waste your time. They sent around 10 or so leads before I shut them off. Of the 10 there was one job I looked at. The rest were nonsense, no answer when I called or emailed. The one job I did look at was a serious price shopper and we didn't get the work. Complete...
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    Epic VA Treemek Build

    Im pretty sure Im going to! Im just trying to firm up exactly what we are going to go with for the crane and a few other specifics. A new chassis is over $200k so Im looking to see what exactly I can find used........
  13. J

    Epic VA Treemek Build

    Steve, who was the dealer you bought the chassis through? Did you come across any other decent outfits when looking?
  14. J

    2009 freightliner m2 chip truck overhaul

    When we bought our current bucket truck the first thing we did is ask the dealer to plug it in and see about having the HP turned up. They said there was nothing left and we were stuck with the way it is. Ive talked to a lot of guys who say it can be done but Im not huge on toying around with...
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    2009 freightliner m2 chip truck overhaul

    Having owned 3 dt 466's I'll agree with reliable but straight up disagree with the power house. They will always start (love the cold) and go forever but they are absolutely gutless.
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    Student Arbo Field Day/Workshop

    While Im not alumni of Umass Stockbridge I regularly attend functions where the school is involved. I know that the number of students enrolling in the arboriculture program is ridiculously low as of the last few years. They spoke about a summer intro class for high school kids recently that...
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    Epic VA Treemek Build

    Steve, what was the savings going with a used chassis vrs new?
  18. J

    Ice studs on tracked mini skid?

    We have been battling the ice as well. We utilize mats where its feasible, carry some ice melt and use that as needed and just deal with what we can't control. Did I mention I hate winter?
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    Hidden Costs of Ownership

    Man you sound like me a year and a half ago lol. Same scenario (exactly). Because the dealer covered all of the repairs I never got a slip and Im not a mechanic. I do know that they had to do the hydro seals in the house and the leak was onto the electric circuit so that had to be replaced as...