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    Fellow Buzzer has Passed

    I would like to thank the whole tree community for their kind words and prayers. Reading how much Cameron has touched all your hearts is helping to ease my pain. He was a wonderful husband and father, a kind and generous soul, and had a passion for his industry as I am sure you all do. It is...
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    ACRT Line clearance certification

    Has anyone taken this five day class, and what did you think of it. Our local utility is asking us to take this certification in order to be a contractor for them.
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    My Website

    I wanted to get some feed back on what you guys think of my website. It took years longer than I wanted to, but better late than never. I still would like to tweak it here and there, add video, maybe a company slogan and affiliations I belong to. Funny thing is we are doing an SEO campaign...
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    I'm shocked!

    I\'m shocked! Thought I'd post this in the tree free zone to keep out the lurkers. My top guy hit his sales quota, so he gets his bonus which comes out to about $2500. I thought I'd surprise him and give him $5000 for this year to show how much I appreciate him. When I told him I was giving...
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    ***Storm Help Needed***

    Trying to get several more guys from the buzz to either fly or drive to Barrington, NJ. Will take care of travel and lodging. Looking for guys fimilar with storm and crane work. Hard working and proficient at what they do. Short term work for the next couple of weeks possibly. Also looking...
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    My new crane finally arrived! :-)

    Terex Challenger 3180
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    Thought I'd share

    Thought I\'d share On Sunday morning got a call from a previous client who had a large limb drop. She was rather upset because we pruned the tree over a year ago and she had asked my advice on the limb. You could see it had a little bit of an issue but nothing that I thought warranted taking...
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    What a view today!

    We had to put our jib back on our crane today for a big job tomorrow. We just wanted to make sure everything was in order and even messed around a little bit. We even pulled out the second section of jib for maximum height.
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    Home Addition

    I was looking forward to getting this addition wrapped up in a couple of months during the winter down time. But we are still doing tree work here and there. Things seem to be taking a lot longer than I thought,.
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    Roadmaster 9000 demo. today

    Got to go try out this 90ton crane today we are thinking of purchasing. Wanted to see it up close and see if it will work out for us. Here are a couple of photos from today.
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    Winter post cards

    Just sent out my first postcard to all my clients. something I've been wanting to do for years. Finally getting my act together in the office here. We did a little under a 1000 cards. I wish I kept better records of my clients but I thought about a 1000 wasn't to bad considering a lot of...
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    Facebook page

    Finally loaded up a facebook page. Something I've been wanting to do for a long time. What do you guys think? What would you add or do differently. LMK Thanks Look up "Lyon and Son Tree Service, LLC" On a sad note, I still don't have a website. My guy has been dragging his feet and I think...
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    Base pay with profit sharing?

    Are any owners out there offering this to their top guys to keep their top employees motovated and keep them financially happy and have them feel like they are more a part of the company. Also have any of you guys signed contracts for a period of so many years with terms laid out. PM if you...
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    Equipment payment to gross sales ratio?

    Is there a rule of thumb for what percentage payment a company can afford relative to what the company gross is a year. I had paid off all my loans and there is a good chance I will be moving into a rather large equipment payment. I was curious to see if anbody could answer my question out of...
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    Modular Guards = POS

    Can't say how dissappointed we have been here with two sets of guards we bought. These things fell apart in no time. All the welds broke on the tack welds on the cross bars at the bottom of the guards. Every time I turned around I'd see something else falling off of them. Quality should be...
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    Before and after photos

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    What to do, what to do.....

    Yesterday one of my employees didn't engage his air brake parking our chip truck. They had just pulled up to the job. our crane operator pulled into the school yard to set up the crane while my two other drivers stayed back waiting to see where to set up. The driver of the chip truck walk...
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    Before and After Photos

    I made a post last year asking the pros and cons of real vs. artificial turf. Just wanted to update those who remember and share the pictures of the new fescue turf. Before
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    Scale on Red Bud?

    Wasn't sure what I have here but thought it was scale. So before I treat it just wanted to be sure. I noticed them last year and they are back again. They do come off easily with the finger nail. 1% horticurtural oil do the trick? Thanks for the help guys
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    Other company tree addresses?

    Is there a way to obtain other tree companies addresses for a mailer, by county? I was sent something today from another tree company trying to sell tree equipment and have never heard of them. So I was wondering how they got my info. As well at the same time I'm getting ready for a mailer to...