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  1. BigJon

    $550 a day climbers

    Looking for contract climbers in California. $550 a day 7 days a week weather permitting. Must be able to follow direction, adhere to Ansi Standards and OSHA. Easy work and easy money. Call or text 520-371-9143
  2. BigJon


    I have a 200t with fancy caps. Not a lot time on the saw. Needs new top handle.. Willing to replace handle before sale. Make offer with or without new handle.
  3. BigJon

    New truck

    We got our truck back two weeks ago from being lettered up. It's a 98 international, clean well kept. I was looking for some feed back on the lettering too much or not enough.
  4. BigJon

    new business

    It's been a long time since I posted here. I guess I took a bit of break after my son died but I am ready to get back in the game. I just started my own company. We are completely legit. We found a really nice chip truck out of Florida that I just got back from being lettered, I have a 12 inch...
  5. BigJon

    Climber/ground man needed

    We are currently looking for a climber and or a ground man here in southeastern PA on the mainline. Attitude and dependability and ability to learn is more important then your skills in the tree. contact for more information.
  6. BigJon

    New twist on my work climb video

    Just posting a clip of my work climb video from a few years ago. Enjoy!! You can check out my other videos too, there is an uncut work climb video in real time, I think its actualy faster in real time. LOL!!
  7. BigJon

    Climbing position wanted

    Still looking for work in NJ or will even travel for right price. Long distance will do for temp cannot relocate. Experienced and able to do anything thrown at me. For the right price I can even get along with others.
  8. BigJon

    Stihl Submission policy

    I recently contacted Stihl about some idea that I had to improve there saws, one thing is totally radical using a really cool but simple technology and something else that's pretty simple been around a long time just never seen on a chainsaw. Anyway they sent me a form to fill out,sign and...
  9. BigJon

    foot locking

    Just a clip of when I fist started footlocking 5 years ago. single line footlock
  10. BigJon

    This guy must be drunk

    What is this guy doing? Using your feet
  11. BigJon

    Another intresting guy climbing

    What's this guy doing? Looks to me he's swatting at some bees. Bee Swatting
  12. BigJon

    No PPE?>

    Where is this guys PPE? He's wearing it on his saddle. Is that a NJ competition T-shirt on that feller? No PPE
  13. BigJon

    Work Climb Penn Del

    Alright here it is. This is me at last years competition in the work climb. Not the prettiest. This is the one where I injured myself at gear inspection. Either I have too much gear or I am just getting too old. work climb 2005
  14. BigJon

    zip line some wood

    Gonna try and post a short clip of ziplining a piece of wood. zipline 1
  15. BigJon

    Crane cutting

    Quick clip of a poplar being cut and picked up.
  16. BigJon

    Need work in NJ

    I'm looking for some work in the New Jersey area. I am located near the Vineland area. I have plenty of experience and talent to do what ever is needed of me and will get it done in a safe and timely fasion. Email me at
  17. BigJon

    one handed chain saw

    I found there are other reasons besides the obvious not to use only one hand on your climbing saw. I've been having a lot of pain in my right shoulder for quite a long time now. I had such a good experience with getting my knee done I finally got my shoulder looked at. I found out the cause of...
  18. BigJon

    I got fired

    I screwed up and got fired today. Anyone hireing?
  19. BigJon

    Still Falling

    I had another ash tree fall over on me today. I set out to take down 3 dead ash trees. The first one went butter smoothe. The second was just a 90 foot stick with a three stem top. It was set back about 6 feet from a 13.2 kv line. I was working over top of the primary with a 75 foot bucket. I...
  20. BigJon


    I'm curious to how I can obtain ANSI standards relating to our work. Maybe I am just ignorant or stupid but I can't seem to find them on the net. I did find a sight that would sell them. These standards are to protect us. Who is us? Us who can afford to the buy the standards. Shouldn't this...