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  1. LiTreeService

    Bandit 1590. Hydraulic clutch

    I’m currently looking at this 03 1590. It has a hydraulic clutch. Has anyone used one or know anything about? And your opinions.
  2. LiTreeService

    Effer Crawler knuckleboom Thoughts?

    Was messing around on the internet and came across this. Curious to hear opinions
  3. LiTreeService

    Finding a out of state source for soft wood.

    Hello everyone I was just provided the opportunity to bid on a job to remove 18 acres of trees in the pine barrens in Long Island. It isn't a total land clearing but more of a culling. The removals consist of pitch pines and some hard woods such as various species of oaks. The trees range from...
  4. LiTreeService

    Looking to buy a bandit 1590 or 1890

    Looking to buy a used bandit 1590 or 1890 chipper. Must have at least 140 hp
  5. LiTreeService

    Wtb bandit 1590 or 1890

    Looking to buy a bandit 1590 or 1890. Must have at least 140hp. Under 2000 hours