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  1. Treetrim

    EHP woods ported Redmax 5000 49.3cc

    My last ported saw to sale. A very good strong running woods ported by Ed Heard EHP Redmax 5000. Guessing around 155 tanks through it. Original owner put the first 150 through in 3 weeks use from what I understand. Will cut right with the best 50cc 346's out there. Selling PHO $400 and...
  2. Treetrim

    echo 3900 coil

    Looking for a good used echo 3900 coil. The saw isnt worth the cost of a new coil price IMHO.
  3. Treetrim

    WTB: 2171 2071 2065 2165 parts

    Needing a few parts to finish up a Jonsered 2171 project. Handle, 2 piece top cover, clutch cover with bar side adjustment, recoil starter, I'm sure there is more parts needed I just cant think of them right now. Could go almost complete parts saw if need be. PM me what you have and what...
  4. Treetrim

    Stihl 066 woods ported

    I am selling my Brent Combs woods ported 066 magnum with poly flywheel crankcase with square back red light covers and NO de-comp cylinder. New oem DP cover or can put a homemade DP cover with little tube in front cover pointing out and angled left a hair. Your choice. This is a true bad azz...
  5. Treetrim

    Stihl 084 088 MS880 076 075 large mount bars *DELETED*

    Post deleted by Treetrim
  6. Treetrim

    Stihl 084 122cc 21" ES bar and chain

    Stihl 084 122cc 21\" ES bar and chain Stihl 084 stock with 21" ES 404 and new chain. I still need my longer bars for my woods ported 084, so I'm just letting a 21" go with this stock 084. I am selling one of my Stihl 084 chainsaws. This one is stock and has been gone completely through and...
  7. Treetrim

    WTB: 3120 parts and 365 372

    Just wanting to stock pile some used 3120 parts back. Also 365 and 372 stuff. PM what you have to get rid of.
  8. Treetrim

    WANTED: Stihl USG square grinder attachment

    If somebody knows where there is a Stihl USG square grinder attachment not getting use. I am interested in it. Would save me from getting a Silvey.